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The extent of my knowledge of makeup in my adolescent/teenage years was my mother's hand-me-downs. The first time I ever put eye-liner on, my dad told me that my eyes looked like snake-eyes. I still can't put lipstick on properly, I even forgot to include the two tubes of lipstick that I own here, whoops. 

Over the past few months however, I have been experimenting a little. My friend Jen started a blog back in January, and one of the first things that she posted was about makeup. So after much deliberation, I headed out to Target to check out one of the brands she was raving about; Pixie by Petra. I ended up really liking both the foundation and the mascara a lot! I want to try more products by that brand, but I am really big on using what I have on hand before buying new things, so alas, I must wait.

I recently did a purge on my makeup stash (which wasn't very large to begin with), and manged to get everything that I use to fit into the little bag you see there, simplifying FTW! This is what I am left with:

1) Eye shadow by Rimmel, and Covergirl- I really like their eye shadows, and they are pretty cheap!
2) Powdered blush by Pixie- This one was on sale, and although it looks dark, it is pretty light.
3) Face powder by Rimmel. This powder is just a translucent one to dab around my hair line where my skin tends to get a little oily (sexy!).
4) Moisturizer & Foundation by Pixie. I was skeptical about this because I have been making my own moisturizer, but I have been just dabbing bits of this in the spots that need it and it works pretty great!
5) Mascara by Pixie- Goes on like any average mascara that I have used, only it doesn't clump like the cheap stuff.
6) Liquid eye liner by Cynthia Rowley- This came in one of my Birch Boxes, and I ended up really liking it! It lasts a long time compared to the Rimmel liquid eyeliner that I normally use.
7) Brown eyeliner pencil, by Rimmel- I bought this to touch up my eyebrows, and it worked a lot better than I thought it would. Plus there is a little brush on the end, which is awesome.

I also occasionally will wear lippy, when I don't get it all over my teeth (which never happens, tbh). I have found that as much as red lipstick is sexy and classic, I can't pull it off. I blame my crooked smile, and the fact that I have almost no upper lip. Instead, I wear a coral shade by Rimmel, as well as a peachy-nude shade from Covergirl. I also use an eyelash curler when I remember I have it, but it is in a box in my bathroom with the rest of the little samples I keep acquiring from Birch Box.

Well there you have it, makeup! I haven't made it very far yet, but, I think I like where I am at with the simplicity of what I am putting on my face.


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14 Musings

  1. I remember buying some Pixi creme eyeliner on clearance at Target a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorites.
    I used to not care too much about makeup either, then I started watching beauty vloggers and now I have become a makeup/beauty junkie. O.o

  2. I haven't tried any of the Pixie stuff before but I kind of want to!

    I love Cover Girl eye shadow too! And I've been getting into NYX thanks to a suggestion from a friend too.

  3. Aw....you look so pretty! Lovely...

  4. love this! love seeing what's in other girl purses and makeup bags.

  5. Your face always looks lovely, but it's nice to find the products that make you feel confident in them. I have clothes made by Cynthia Rowley but had no idea she made cosmetics too. Of course I have no idea who she is period. I've never seen that Pixie brand but perhaps Canadian Target carries different things.
    Please explain something to an old lady. What does FTW mean? I have two guesses, one being some sort of play on WTF, or else it is short for For The Win. Am I even remotely close?

  6. I know even less about makeup than you do, so getting monthly Birchbox samples has been helpful. Makeup is a lot of trial-and-error. I just noticed, when you mentioned it, that your upper-lip is the same as mine. I used to moan about that until I started applying lipstick above the lip-line to create fuller-looking lips. Surprisingly, it works!

  7. I need to purge my makeup drawer, too. Maybe I'll do it this week. Also, that pic of you is stunning!

  8. You got some good stuff girl! Always do what works for you!

  9. I've heard so many good things about Pixie but have never bought it..I go waaay cheap..like Elf..

    Love the post. Beautiful last picture!

  10. Oh..I'm just full of lip balm and moisturizer. I don't even try anymore. There was a time I was big on JANE makeup..Do they even make that anymore.

    Lovely, post!

  11. I LOVE RIMMEL's Eye Shadow Palettes - the pigmentation is so fabulous!!


  12. I used to really enjoy putting on make-up. I even enjoyed buying it. I hate it now especially since I have a job where I have to look nice. I only buy make-up and most skin care products only after discussing it with my bff (who is a make-up artist and esthetician). I've never tried that pixie brand but always enjoyed their packaging. Rimmel is a great brand AND they don't test on animals! I really enjoyed this post!!


  13. You make your own moisturiser? GIRL! Good on you.
    I really don't do a lot with my makeup and lately I've been questioning the whole concept of looks *sigh*
    Who the heck cares? I feel I simply need to put it on to play the game, so I can get famous and then tell people IT DOESNT BLOODY MATTER. *sigh*

    Love you, even when I'm losing my mind.
    Sorry I've been so slack at keeping in touch x

  14. Cool, I didn't realize you didn't wear makeup until now. Your skin looks so flawless without foundation.

    You're tempting me to do my own makeup post. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm using more product as I delve deeper into my 30s. :D


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