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Four different people have recently told me that I sometimes sound like Zooey Deschanel when I talk. No, not my normal, nasel-y Midwesterner voice, it is usually when I don't get enough sleep and my voice starts to get raspy. Currently, I have been dealing with sinus-attacks from hell, so I guess it has taken a number on my vocal chords and I have been rockin' the Jessica Day voice all week. It reminds me of when Phoebe from friends was sick, but it made her voice all sexy, and she became a big hit at Central Perk. 

Now if only I sounded like Zooey when I sang (instead of like a pubescent boy) that would be pretty amazeballs. Instead, my co-workers keep asking me to go: "Schmidt!" 

Happy Friday!

Skirt & triangle necklace-Forever 21
Ring necklace-Gift 
Jacket & purse-Urban Outfitters

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14 Musings

  1. Funny. Is it weird that now I want to hear you talk? yeah? probably.

  2. I agree with the two birds, I kind of want to hear it now, lol. There are worse people to sound like than Zooey! :)

  3. BABE.

    Your hair is growing out so cute. Ha! I actually like your speaking voice. It matches your personality...if that makes sense. I don't know, it just fits you I guess is what I'm saying. People used to make fun of my voice since it has always been so deep even at a young age.

  4. Haha! That's a lovely compliment. I sometimes hear I look like Debra Messing and I cringe. Love the outfit!!


  5. Hey, you just reminded me that I've never heard your voice. Or your accent. Do you have an accent? (Or as they say in Jersey, "a aksent"?) Maybe you could do a vlog sometime so we can discover another reason to love you. :)

  6. Kim and i Agreed that your voice is awesome :) not like my messed up accent. But moving overseas and traveling has a huge influence on what i sound like. #amazeballs :P

  7. Truth: I actually prefer how my voice sounds when I'm sick {as long as it's not nasally} - t takes on this sexy Tara Reid-like tone. Kind of love it!

    Get well soon babe!


  8. I LOVE ZOOEY and New Girl.
    And you look adorable.

  9. I hope you are on the mend. It always makes my day when I've been feeling so out of it with allergies have someone say..I really dig that voice. Usually, I'm on the phone. Once while I was working I was suppose to let the roommate know about a book..anyway..I hung up..and I get a call back from the guy who had picked up and he asked, "Can we talk?"

  10. Awesome skirt! I'm glad you are finding some humor in your plague of sinus stuff.

    Such a fun title to the post too. Funny, I kept thinking..did she step in honey like I did?

  11. you look very pretty here! And i love your shoes as well <3

  12. i hope you feel better! i love that skirt. your outfit looks great sara.

  13. You look so cute in this outfit! Cuter than Zooey. She does have a nice singing voice though. I forget sometimes that many of the bloggers I chat with would have an accent to my ears and that I would have one to theirs. So now I have to imagine an accent and a raspy voice.

  14. You are hilarious. And, I love this outfit! That skirt fits you good, gurl.


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