Laundry Never Sleeps

10:25 AM


Is it more "street style" if I am holding things when Kyle takes my outfit photos? How about if I stand in a colorful parking lot? Cool beans. 

I am very pleased with myself for how much I have downsized on my wardrobe, and yet, have saved things that I have had for years such as this sweater. Stripes, yo! We are still without a working dryer, but have plans on getting  around that. In the meantime, I am being very cautious of what I buy clothing-wise. I would rather buy things out of need, rather than want (okay, I might not NEED three pairs of yoga pants, but they are more practical than some of the things that end up in my closet). This is really hard at times for me, because cloooooooothes. Hauling three giant baskets of dirty clothes to the laundry mat is a good reality check though. Anyway, you guys will probably get tired of seeing these jeans over time, but at least I will have some awesome T-shirts to pair with them come warmer weather. 

Now if I could only get Kyle to down-size on his closet. 


Sweater-Old Navy
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Vintage necklace-Gift
Glasses-Warby Parker 
Bag-Urban Outfitters

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15 Musings

  1. Awesome back drop Sara! I always love those. I've downsized tremendously over the past three years and feel much better. There were things that I kept putting out every year and then putting away without ever wearing. I ended up talking to myself HAHAHA KIM you're NOT going to wear that! So sell it or give it away! Stop making extra work for yourself. I have a much happier closet now. Laundry just PILES the F UP at times.

  2. It's fun seeing you out in the world. The sweater is cute. I remember going to the laundramat when I was young. It was like watching a play about crazy people. One woman used to come in, fill up a machine with water and soap, and then run it with no clothes. Seriously. She was whacked.

  3. I need to get better about that - I often buy out of want and not out of need!

    I love stripes - your sweater is just adorable! And ugh to the laundromat - hopefully you have a new dryer soon!

  4. Ca-uuuteee!

    That looks less like the word "cute" when typed out like that. But that's how I said it out loud when I saw this adorable photo. Love it.

  5. Super cute outfit! This post made me laugh. I've downsized my closet like woah and the boyfriend has yet to do the same. Great background btw!


  6. The last time we went to a Laundromat was in Jacksonville, where I had my $4 cocktail and a bloodymary corona cocktail that was disgusting. It one of those things that needs to be done sadly.. Anywho love the outfit and the background. if I did a outfit shot of my work clothes I look like a homeless person. I superglued my shoes back together because I am too lazy to buy some more lol

  7. its so funny we finally did the laundry over the weekend.... I hate doing laundry!
    love your outfit!

  8. Such a cool pic. Well, I've got my sweaters out this week! brrr....

    Oh, its so hard to go through clothes. Never ending!

    Great post!

  9. Love the locations you find for your outfit shots!

  10. I love this cool street art behind you!

  11. It's hard enough for me to do laundry at home...I'd probably just start buying all new things if I had to bring my laundry out. So, yay you! I love these jeans on you...won't get sick of them!

  12. I loved this outfit when I saw it on IG, and I love it even more now. The stripes are very 'Where's Waldo?' In a chic way though!

    P.S. That mural behind you is fierce!


  13. Totes adorbs babe! Doesn't that just sound so wrong coming from an old coot? You look very street style and I love it. I also love that you do not have on high heels. I am soooo sick of high heels and jeans.

  14. I think it is great that you downsized on your wardrobe too. I think not many people do that but I know you wear your stuff over and over again which I think is wonderful!!


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