DIY: Organic Whipped Body Lotion

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I have been enjoying learning how to make my own beauty products the past few months, mostly because it always excites me when I make something and it actually comes out really well. I am one who is addicted to lotion, but I always had a hard time finding one that I really liked. The organic ones without all of the weird chemicals and additives were super expensive, and the cheaper ones contained basically plastic, which I am sure in small amounts won't kill you, but I found myself needing to use more and more of it.  I really wanted to try making my own, but it also had to be affordable, and simple enough so that I wouldn't screw it up. 

This one was perfect! I had all of the ingredients, except for the Shea butter. I am not entirely sure what the cost breakdown was in the end, but because I use the other ingredients for other things, as well as having plenty of Shea butter left over for another batch, I think it came out pretty cheap. 

1 cup organic Shea butter
1/2 cup organic olive oil (almond oil, or jojoba oil will work too)
1/2 cup organic cold-pressed coconut oil
Essential oils of your choice (I used lavender). 

In a small pot, mix the Shea butter, and the coconut oil over a medium heat until they melt completely. Stir in the olive oil, and then add the essential oil. I used 2 cap fulls, but you can add as little or as much as you prefer. Remove from heat and let it sit in the fridge until it firms, but is not completely solid (took a little over an hour for me). Next, whip the mixture together until it is really light (I did this by hand with an egg beater, but you can use a blender/hand beater if you want). Scoop out of pot and store in jars at room temperature. 

lotion 2

This made a little over one jar, and it is heavenly! I had been using plain coconut oil up until this point, but since it is such a light oil, I was getting dry spots. This mix will go on a little greasy, but your skin will quickly absorb it up. A little bit will go a long way, so I am pretty sure that this will last me a while. 

Tips: When I was mixing this, it had a heavy Shea butter scent, but the next morning the lavender scent was more potent. Also, I use this right after I shower so that my skin absorbs it quickly, but I have also used a little of it on dry skin throughout the day, works great either way. 

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11 Musings

  1. Oh so awesome! I've been wanting to do something like this..and I'd so love to make some for my vegan friend.

  2. This looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Love it!!

  3. This looks so lovely! I want to give it a try!

  4. this is so awesome!!! tiffany always talking about her lotion or soap i think she'll like this

  5. I thought that was mayonnaise for a second - body lotion is so much better! Love that it's possible to DIY this product!!


  6. I've bought homemade body lotion from some Etsy shops but I've always thought, hey, I could probably make this myself - now I have a recipe! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Look at you! Whippin up your own stuff! Awesome! Plus, the way beauty products are increasing in price, you will definitely save money! WTG.

  8. This is such a great idea! This might be a stupid question, but where did you get the shea butter?

  9. @Chelsea I bought mine at Whole Foods, they even had different scented ones, but I wanted plain because I was mixing in the essential oil.


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