Coffee + Cocoa Face Scrub

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I mentioned in a previous post that I have been working on making cleaning products and beauty treatments at home, so I thought I would share a really simple one today. I found a lot of recipes based off of used coffee grounds, and since I am a coffee fiend, I figured I would give it a shot. I posted the mix on Instagram, and my friend Dave suggested I try adding cocoa and  sugar to the mix. I don't know how it is possible, but we ran out of sugar, so I left it at coffee grounds and cocoa. 

1 tablespoon coffee grounds
1 tablespoon cocoa (unsweetened)
1 tablespoon water or oil, such as cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, etc. 

I tried this with both finely ground, and coarse grounds, and I would strongly recommend the finer grounds. You can add more or less water/oil depending on your thickness preference. I just used water, because I used argan oil as a moisturiser after, but you can skip adding a moisturizer if you mix oil in. I also obviously used way more than a tablespoon in that picture because I was sharing it with Kyle. I could not get him to let me document it though. Sadness. 


Next: Make a stupid face! 

All you have to do is mix all of the ingredients together, and let it sit on your face for a few minutes. I recommend putting a fine strainer over your sink when you rinse, because clogged sinks are bad news bears. 

Why this mix? Well, I wanted to try something that I had around the house, plus it called for used coffee grounds, so there is plenty of that around. Coffee and cocoa are a good combination because they reduce puffiness in the face and eye area, brighten skin, and wake up your complexion, because COFFEE. 


My skin isn't perfect, but it felt pretty amazeballs after using this mask, which I have been doing 3x per week. AND, I totally decided to document this after a night of drinking with friends, so my face was at its puffiest. GO ME.  Anywho, when Kyle first saw me doing this, he said that I had taken my love for coffee a bit far. Then of course he went and tried it too and liked it so WHATEVER KYLE. 

I will probably some other DIY face scrubs in the future, so stay tuned! ...or whatever. 

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15 Musings

  1. I've been using a sugar scrub that I made at home for awhile now but have heard lots of good things about coffee scrubs, maybe something to try this weekend! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I should give this a try - my skin is kind of a hot mess right now!

  3. i like this one...and how amazing do you look after a night of drinking? i am not that fresh faced after a few beers!

  4. I want to do this. Great post.

  5. Your complexion looks ah-mazing! It did a great job Sara! Gotta try this! Only thing is I have keurig cups. Guess I should buy a bag of coffee. HAHAHA Men are so funny! Tell Kyle he should man up and take a pic!!! All the funny faces he makes! I was looking forward to seeing his face. Oh well :( BOO HOO! Have a great weekend you two.

  6. Need to try that out on my skin!! It must smell so good! :)

  7. Okay, I might do this today! I moved via plane, so I couldn't take my face washes with me, because plane and liquids and terrorism and blah. But I didn't even think to look up some homemade masks and do that. My skin has felt so gross because we haven't gone to the store to get any face wash. I don't have any coffee, unfortunately, but I'm sure we have other things I could use.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. The only coffee grounds I have is the vanilla creme brule one I just got from Target (it's so good omg) & I doubt that'll be good to use. There's a ton of instant lying around. Do you think it'll work with that? I'll have to figure something out. I also just bought cocoa to make homemade chocolate things so this is awesome! I'm gonna try this soon & I'll let you know how it goes.

  9. I've always wanted to try an avocado mask!

  10. You look adorable both with coffee on your face and after. If you added sugar to the mix maybe Kyle would lick it off. Then you could be kinky AND have great skin. Doesn't everybody want that?

  11. Haha! I love that you got Kyle to try it - so perfect! Somehow you look adorbs with this mask on your face; and seriously...the glow it added to your skin is phenom!!


  12. My skin has been pretty terrible lately so I'm quite interested in a face mask of some kind. I love that this is so simple and can be made at home.

    ~ K

  13. You are so brave to do this. Great post!

  14. my sister was telling me about this. i want to try it haha
    nice post


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