Golden Blog Award

11:33 AM


Miss, soon to be Mrs, Jennifer over at The Golden Days, tagged me in the Golden Blog Award, so that is what you are getting today.  As well as photos from our engagement and wedding photo shoots, because they are awesome pictures and I will never stop wanting to look at them.

The Rules
-Either use the award logo in the post, or create your own.
-Link to whoever nominated you.
-Write 10 fact about yourself.
-Nominate bloggers
-Tell the bloggers so that they know they have been nominated. 

10 facts!
1) I detest mushrooms.
2) I love PBR, and so does my wallet, but my favorite beer is Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. Although it is loads better on draft vs. bottle. 
3) My favorite song to karaoke is "Squeeze Box" by The Who, and when my friend Dan shouts to everyone that the song is about sex, that is my favorite too. 
4) Whenever I need to feel motivated, I watch the fourth season of Gilmore Girls when Rory starts at Yale. 
5) I am plotting out 5 more tattoos that I want to get, but I am trying to make them rewards for after I reach goals because expensive. 
6) For the most part, I do not care what the majority of people think of me. I do however, care what my close friends think, and I never want to embarrass them or hurt their feelings. Okay, maybe embarrass them a little bit. 
7) I really love it when people discover that there are more sides to those in their lives. For instance, I love it when co-workers discover that I am a giant dork, who is also really into fitness, clothes, homesteading, cooking, reading, British men, and anything DIY. You mean there is more to me than ignoring everyone?
8) I get kind of bummed when the other Chevy Spark drivers I see on the road don't wave back at me. 
9) I hate it when people ask me what my favorite movie/book/song is, because I will just blank out and forget everything that I have ever seen/read/listened to ever. 
10) I am a control freak.

I am tagging:
Tiffany of Tiffany Queenie
Ebs of Adventures of Ebony
Lauren of Sparrow & Urchin
Beth of The Melodic Stylings of Bethie the Boo 
Ally of Shybiker
Britney of Brit's Blog

And anyone else who wants to participate! 

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12 Musings

  1. Love your honesty! Great list of facts!

  2. You are truly a Golden Globe Blogger!

  3. Aw I love GG, too! It's one of my absolute favorite shows. :)

  4. Dawwww, you are so awesome! Thank you for nominating me! And I loved reading your fun facts! I'm a GG lover too as you know!

  5. You are adorable. I love your answers. They're so you. And thanks for the nomination!

  6. So glad you got the award. Love your list, too.

  7. YES to the hating when people ask what your favorite book/movie/song is - I am the exact same way!

    I imagine anyone who has ever asked me that question thinks I'm some sort of idiot who has never read a book/watched a movie/listened to music because my answer is always a blank stare. :P


  8. my dad used to own a corvette and it was a thing for other corvette owners to wave. now i expect it, regardless of the car i'm driving!

  9. congratulations on your award Sara! awesome! hahaha my lexus is so common. i would be waving at everybody and their grandma! LMFAOOOO one time i tried to get into what i thought was my car only to stop and realize it wasn't! soooooo embarrassed. glad nobody saw me. LOL

  10. You hate mushrooms?!?!? WRONG Mushrooms are the bomb dot com.

    Anyway thanks for tagging me! I've been neglecting my blog, but I shall return with this!

  11. adore the facts! so nice to knwo you better

  12. I am the same about mushrooms. Ugh. I have tried because my mom and brother are mushroom crazed. Thankfully Rob hates them too, so I don't have to make them.
    I think I am a control freak too. :(
    I think that is so cute that you wave to other Chevy Spark drivers!!!
    That is so odd that you blank out when asked about your favorites.


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