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10:30 AM

Sara and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. That was yesterday. One of those days where I thought "Hey, it's Wednesday. I am almost through the week, things are okay." I was wrong. Loads of work, on top of a horrid night's sleep, with an overdose pinch of crabby co-workers = a crap day. To add to it, I even went on Facebook to post one of my feminist rants (because that is always a great idea when you are pissed off), only to look back at it later and notice LOADS of misspellings and grammatical errors. English major in the house! 

However, after getting my ass kicked during my workout, followed by a hot shower and some couch time with Louie, I felt better. Being a person who needs alone time to recharge before being around other people,  I have been severely lacking it due to the holiday craziness and whatnot. Sometimes I try to make up for that in small doses. One activity that helps is to sit with my headphones on, and listen to a slower song for a few minutes. I often listen to this one in the car because it is pretty short and has a way of calming me down before I rush into the next task or whatever nonsense I have going on that day. It isn't anything special, but it has simple lyrics, and the music is soothing to me. I even posted in on Facebook once and tagged a bunch of my friends who get stressed out as well. I am pretty sure a few of them were raising their eyebrows at me in that "Oh, so Sara has gone all 'kumbaya' on us now has she?", but some of them really liked it so I thought I would share. 

In the youtube comments (yeah, I did the thing you are never supposed to do, read the youtube comments) someone described this song as a "cheerleading lullaby" and I couldn't agree more. Hopefully it will work the same way for some of you lovelies, or at the very least you might get some pleasure from Matt and Zooey. 

Happy Thursday!

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7 Musings

  1. I am unfit for public consumption if I don't get sufficient alone time, so I feel your pain! A sweet ballad really is a great way to relax inside your own head. Hope today is better!

  2. Ditto. We sensitive types need our alone time.

  3. Oh She & Him is always great for those very bad days. Definitely, need some down time. But the holidays really do make everyone in a bad mood. We had a crazy night at the lib. with one high schooler. He really pissed us off..sooo bad. I think I need some She & Him time too!


  4. Hoping you get more down time. Love She & Him!

  5. ohhhh i've had days like that! i know how you feel. i hope today is much better for you sara. ((hug))

  6. i love is a good way to destress! i hope it worked for you!

  7. Yay! I wuv this song! And cheerleading lullaby is the perfect description.

    Also pertinent...rants always involve misspellings and grammatical errors because they are so heartfelt and, oftentimes, fueled by anger or aggravation. Thus, don't beat yourself up.

    P.S. You absolutely did not have to buy me anything for my birthday; but you are so sweet for doing so. Thank you, Sara!!



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