What Does The Fox Say?

10:30 AM

IMG_4448 IMG_4440

Have you heard it yet? I am referring to this song. It is obnoxious as all hell, so of course I love it. I know it is just a 'dumb' song, but I am glad that a song as ridiculous as that can be popular, because it is just that. a silly song. It is not offensive, sexist, and derogatory like some songs out there (I am looking at you, Robin Thicke). It maybe this generation's version of  "I'm blue" or "crazy frog", or whatever nonsense that is out there, but at least when my little brother listens to this, there is nothing inappropriate that I have to explain. So yip-yip-yip-yip & ring-ding-ding-ding-ding away! 

And more importantly, as my friend Nicole observed, the elephant goes "toot". Hooray for the easily amused :)

IMG_4464 IMG_4462 IMG_4457IMG_4459 IMG_4473 IMG_4472 IMG_4467

Jacket & Sweater-Stole from my sister-in-law
Jumper-Forever 21
Greatest glove things ever-From Erika
Dalek Necklace-Rustbelt Market 

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11 Musings

  1. Yes I have heard that song and can't stop laughing when it comes on - it's just crazy silly. I'd much rather hear that than anything by Robin Thicke....

    I LOVE your fox gloves!! I am kind of obsessed with fox stuff right now.

  2. An outfit as cute as all of yours. When I think of youthful beauty in my mind, I picture you.

  3. Oh my gosh YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!! Now that I've probably scared you with my all caps response to this post I'll continue... These are great photos and I'm in love with your outfit! Love that leaf picture at the end as well! Yes, I've heard the song. It's catchy and annoying all at the same time! Well done whoever came up with that idea haha!


  4. Dumb, annoying songs are the best! The world needs to stop being so serious. Your outfit gets my yip-yip-yip of approval. :)

  5. Sara, you look so frickin adorable in these pics! You make me want to go to the park. They are beautiful and I love your jumper girl. Gorgeous leaves!!! I love fox motifs on anything. I have to listen to that song. HAHAHA

  6. Lovely Fall pictures! Oh..that song was played at a wedding reception I went too...Yeap..time for Jello shots when it came on!

  7. Awesome gloves! So glad the FOX is in this year. Yeah..that song drives me crazy. Lov'n the hat too!

  8. I know THAT DUMB ASS SONG! haha. I AGREE with you. I can't right now with Robin Thicke... but anyways I love your outfit. Your jumper is cute.

  9. OMG Sara! I think this is my favorite look of yours EVER! I am purely obsessed with that jumper and your beanie - and the gloves! They look so adorbs on you!!!


  10. What a lovely way to capture autumn. We don't have much in the way of trees or open space here, so I always love looking at photos. They remind me of my hometown!

    Maybe what you need next is one of these knit fox scarves. :D http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=EUGE-WA11&c=Oct+20&n=n

  11. I actually like the "I'm Blue" song from our generation!!! haha. I did finally listen to that fox song and then I looked up what foxes really say. They make about 4 different sounds and resemble screaming humans!!! It is so strange!
    You are cute!!!


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