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Kyle and I have been trying to watch the funds lately as we are trying to pay off some bills this month, so I have been spending some well-needed time on the house. Mostly cleaning and working on the guest room, and I wanted to share one of the projects I had finished for that room, but the lighting in there sucks and it has been so grey lately that no pictures were taken of said project. 

Instead, I have a post of 8 random facts about me (as if you guys don't read enough about all of the uninteresting happenings of my life). Someone did a similar post and instead of tagging people, they just said that anyone could do it and it was months ago and I have no clue who it was. Alas!

1) Ever since I was a child, I have this weird obsession with rubbing fabric across my palm and fingers. It is usually a cotton-type of fabric, like a pillowcase (I used to be attached to my pillow), or my jeans, or something. I used to think I was really weird until one of my classmates in the poetry workshop that I took used to do it as well. He said it was called "silking", and I have never actually came across a name for it, but that is what I call it now.

2) I am a horrible creature of habit. I think I have tried the caesar salad from every single restaurant I have been to ever. I tend to get the same beer/mixed drink whenever we go out. I frequent the same coffee shops on a regular basis, and my grocery list is usually identical each week, except for one new item I force myself to cook. I also walk/run the same routes all of the time, and sit in the same spots in the house. I am also habitually late for everything.

3) I have mild forms of OCD. I have certain spots in the house where certain things are supposed to be all of the time and will stop whatever it is I am doing to put them in said spots if they are not there (reason #1 why I am late for things). I spent a good 45 minutes moving things ever-so-slightly in a room the other week, Kyle mocked me for it the entire time. Then there are times when the sink is pilled up with dirty dishes and laundry is scattered everywhere, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

4) I am HORRIBLE at proofreading anything of my own, but am really great at editing things for others. Seriously, I will post things on this here blog and not notice a grammatical error/typo/etc until weeks later. Then I will fix it, even though nobody cares.

5) I really, really, love Gilmore Girls. I will never be able to pick a favorite between Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls, but, I watch Gilmore Girls more often. I bought the entire series on black Friday a few years ago (I bought it online and went & picked it up later), and it is ALWAYS on now. I actually force myself to watch at least one new thing per week, but whenever I am cleaning, or working on blog posts, trying to use The Force, etc. it is on in the background.

6) Over the summer, Kyle and I had a pretty similar schedule. Now, not so much. This leads me to cooking less actual meals, because cooking is a lot of work. I typically will make a giant batch of something (pasta, soup, etc) and we will just eat it all week. Most of the time however, I end up eating strange things, or combinations of things. I hate seeing food go to waste, so at times I will eat something like corn-on-the-cob, and a bowl of cereal. I have been known to eat soup in the morning, have poptarts for dinner, and occasionally, a bag of croutons will count as a meal.

7) I drink so much coffee that my body is almost immune to it. There have been several instances where I have consumed a large coffee, and then fallen asleep shortly after. This usually leads to strange dreams that I cannot remember any specific details of, other than the fact that they are strange.

8) My brother Mark and I both love purple. We often fight over who's color it actually is.

That is it! If you would like to participate, go ahead. Fun stuff. Happy Saturday!


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13 Musings

  1. Fascinating. Goddamn fascinating. You are truly the most interesting blogger on the planet. They should use you in beer commercials. "Sara is... The Most Interesting Blogger In The World." And then you'd hoist a cold one and say, "Keep typing, my friends."

  2. Oh god, I'm bad at proofreading my own stuff too. AND I'm horrible at giving feedback. The absolute worst.

    I never understood the hyper-ness people get from coffee because it's never happened to me (unless it's crazy expresso I guess). I can drink coffee & fall asleep literally 10 minutes later. My mom introduced coffee to me young though. Like super young. So that's probably why lol

  3. Posting 8 random facts is pretty tough, well, at least for me. And I can totally relate about ordering the same mix in a bar of drink in a coffee shop. I don't know but I just sort of like having the same drink rather than experimenting something new for my taste buds.

  4. I love these little insights into your life and mind woman, please never stop the rambles :)
    Yay for working on the house. I will be there sometime in the next 4 years, I've decided. Hehe.

    Yay for saving and paying bills! I've been living within my means and God damn is it a little stressful. Getting there though! We're all in this together.

  5. Such fun facts about you! I am the worst editor ever..but it doesn't stop me from writing...I'm afraid. I am that WAY..about Doc Martin. I watch it over and over. I'm not sure why.

    Fun Saturday post!

  6. This was so fun. Love the post. I got a kick out of imagining..eating corn on the cob..and a bowl of cereal.

    I do love eating cold spaghetti anytime.

  7. 3 and 4, you're not alone, sara! hahaha :) and about number 1, i knew someone who's silking too, he can't sleep without rubbing his blanket. and about the 7, that's really interesting! :D

  8. I have a habit of going to the same placed and ordering the same things to Sara. We just like a good thing. Blogging has forced me to trying new things, which I can appreciate. I'm OCD about things too. Everything has a place and I like order. I just don't like a lot of stuff. I usually have to read what I've written out loud. I then pick up on things that are wrong. LOL

  9. Girl, Gilmore Girls will forever be one of the best shows ever written.

  10. you know what I'm the same way at any where I go, pick the same thing! hhaha

  11. I love posts like this! I did a random facts post several months ago now, maybe you're thinking of me, lol.

    I love Gilmore Girls too! I seriously think you and I are TV show soulmates, you tend to love all the same ones I do. We could just sit and have marathons for days of Gilmore Girls and the IT Crowd and Spaced and Black Books...it'd be great.

  12. WOW! An immunity to coffee sounds serious for the typical coffee drinker! I think I knew a bunch of these things except for the fabric and the color choice between Mark and you!
    Yey for facts!

  13. love this post! I need to get back into watching Gilmore Girls it used to be my jam. But currently its parenthood...loreli is basically the same character ;)



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