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10:30 AM

There are so many good TV shows that Kyle and I are trying to catch up on, that we have failed at watching as many movies as we would like. Five years ago, Kyle and I would have been able to give you a review of every movie in theaters, as well as have a small stack of rentals on our coffee table. It has been harder to actually get out to see a movie because of conflicting schedules and other nonsense that life throws at us, but watching movies from home is even more difficult at times. There is one really awesome rental shop a few miles away, but it is sort-of out of the way, and Netflix barely has anything.

After much hunting, I did come across this gem and it was worth the 30 minutes of sifting through movie titles. Also, JIMMY STEWART.

Tracy Samantha Lord Haven is a wealthy Philadelphia socialite, who has divorced her husband Dexter Haven two years prior, and is about to marry George Kittredge. Spy magazine wants to cover the wedding, and enlists Haven (a former employee) to introduce journalist Macaulay "Mike" Conner and photographer Liz Imbrie to the family. Tracy reluctantly agrees, even though she is swamped with wedding details, as well as keeping an eye on her teenage sister Dinah. 

As the wedding gets closer, Tracy somehow finds herself drunk for the second time in her life, as well as being torn between her fiance, her ex-husband, and the reporter. A screwball/romantic comedy at its finest, with an awesome cast to top it off. 

I will leave off with this one last image: Jimmy Stewart singing "Over the rainbow". Iknowright. 

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12 Musings

  1. That sounds like an amazing movie. I wonder if my video store has it. They have some old ones but not a lot. Amazon Streaming actually has quite a few classics we've found.

  2. i don't think i have ever seen this...i need to remedy that!

  3. i NEED to rent this! I love classic films and this will definitely be on my list Sara. i love the cast.

  4. I LOVE that you watch Old Movies. I feel that a lot of people no longer give them the time of day. This was a favorite in my home growing up. I'll have to re-watch it one of these days!


  5. Its such an amazing cast! Great review!

  6. I recently reviewed a movie that was the remake of it under another name. Not sure if you saw that but it is the exact same thing but with Grace Kelly instead as well as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby (and it is in color). Anyway, I will have to rewatch this. Jimmy Stewart is actually my favorite actor of all time and Cary Grant is my second favorite classic male actor (but probably 3rd favorite actor). hehe.

  7. I feel like I would love this film. It sounds wildly entertaining! :)

  8. i watch bit and piece of the philadelphia story but I want to watch it again and I love Katharine Hepburn

  9. Oh yes this is a great film a classic I have seen it many times.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  10. I've seen the end, but I've never watched the rest!


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