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There is construction on two of the main roads by my house. There is construction on the road where my place of employment is. School started, and now the freeway is backed up every morning because of all the Wayne State students (I work down the street from said school). Needless to say, I have been late almost every day for the past two weeks. I have been missing my morning workouts, planning on doing them later when I get home (which never happens, because other things happen) just to save time. I also lay my clothes out the night before, and pack my lunch the night before. I even tried showering the night before, but my hair won't have it (I also need a haircut, because mullets are gross).  There is only one solution: I need to wake up earlier. Which means, I need to go to bed earlier. 

It seems simple enough, but this is usually the case after work: babysitting (which really isn't that much work), making dinner, cleaning up after making dinner, cleaning up the house, and doing laundry. Then add in the random things like running to the store, fueling up the car, taking out the trash, walking the dog, etc. Or, on days when I don't feel like making dinner, I have to run out and get food, which is work because on those days nothing ever sounds good. Seriously, how do people who have kids get through the week? I mean, I am pretty good at multitasking. I prep blog posts while stuffing my face, and  cook while babysitting, etc. But still. Can't I just get Scotty to beam me up so I can get to work on time? Grumble grumble. 

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Top-Forever 21
Jacket, Earrings, & Bag-Urban Outfitters
Pants-Calvin Klein
Necklace-Rustbelt Market
Earrings-c/o Anjolee

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12 Musings

  1. Mornings are difficult! I too try to do all those things at night - and yet I find that hard because I'm so tired from the day! And I know it will be worse my little guy gets here. Ugh. I think we need extra hours in the day and more time to sleep!

  2. Omg.. there's been construction happening around my area too and it's driving my husband and I crazy. It's been hard to get up way earlier than usual and out the door to get to work on time. Sucks!! -_-

    Love the casual outfit btw!

    xo - Sheila

  3. This is like my perfect casual outfit...for reals.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. There is never enough time in a day! I go to sleep and then it seems like it's time to get up again. It's crazy. If I had a family, something would have to give. LOL

  5. I have NO IDEA how some do it.

    Lov'n the fall outfit. Yeah, school changes everything..even when you aren't going.

    All the best on getting that work out! I'm sure Louie keeps you in shape though.

  6. Its not easy getting through the day. I guess that's progress with the construction. Still, its so frustrating.

    Sweet doo! Love the pants!

  7. Ooooooo I absolutely love your hair and outfit!! :D
    It sounds like your a pro at multitasking!

  8. ooooh gurrrrrl.... I totally feel for ya! I think LA should change it's name to the "construction city". We're always dealing with freeways being shut down and random streets being shut down, etc. It's a pain in the booty! On the bright side - the outfit is so darn cute!! :)


  9. teleportation definitely needs to be invented asap!

  10. Gah! It's impossible to workout in the evenings - the minute you put it off you know it will never get done. Something ALWAYS comes up! :/

    I LOVE your bag! :)

  11. ugh I think this all the time! I wake up 30 mins before leaving for work, but everyone once and awhile im 5 mins late, I can't break the habit because I can't wake up early lol. but seriously how do people with kids do it?!

  12. getting through a week with kids is frustrating sometimes, but not that bad, probably because I am home with them most of the time, otherwise it would be maybe be different, though I am unsure since I never tried! I think it was harder when I worked all day and came home having to clean, cook, etc. . .get more done being at home. You look great! Your "mullet" actually looks really cute.


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