Day 5: Pretty Petoskey

10:30 AM

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 Peppered along the coast of Lake Michigan, there are loads of cute little towns to stop and browse through. Kyle had wanted to check out Petoskey for awhile, so we drove up from Traverse City to check it out. There was a sort-of sidewalk sale thing going on, so we browsed a bit. But the best part was all of the puppies! Seriously, it was a crap day, very gloomy and cold (Oh you know, July in Michigan), but so many people were out walking their dogs, it was awesome! 

We then decided to check out the park and the boat docks, how awesome to have a park right along one of the great lakes? We were all a bit out of it from being the car for so long again, and of course the weather did not help, but, LAKE MICHIGAN. Okay, Lake Superior is probably my favorite, but still. The closest body of water we live to is the Detroit river, and although the view of Canada can be pretty, trees are much cooler to look at in my own opinion. 

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 Kyle heard about a local brewery, so of course we went to check it out and get some lunch, and also, BEER. It was a sort-of odd experience. There was a large group of people in business suits, having a sort-of meeting or something, as well as a large group of people all dressed up like they were going/coming from a wedding. Then there was our grubby-asses, with smelling of sweat, cramped cars, and campsite (so, awesome!). 

We headed back to camp after lunch to rest up a bit before one last night of terrorizing in Traverse City. I am going through vacation withdrawals at the moment, I want to travel and explore more places. I am really glad that we decided to go to a few new-to-us places this vacation. It is always a struggle to make that decision, visit a place you know you love, or, visit someplace new. I have been craving new scenery lately like mad, so I am hoping to make that happen.

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7 Musings

  1. Looks fun! This town reminds me of Duluth, MN. A lot of your posts lately have, lol! I think Michigan and Minnesota are a lot alike though!

  2. That town is so cute!! The brewery story made me laugh. I love when random moments like that happen. Makes for great memories!! I hope you're able to explore more soon!


  3. You really make me want to travel there. Love the atmosphere. Sweet and fun photos!

  4. So love this post! Its great to see you guys having some fun on a vacation. You are very inspiring!

  5. That group picture of you guys is priceless! I love it! I would've been petting dogs all day. HAHAHA Love the dock and waters. So beautiful!

  6. Soooo jealous of your adventures! You are making me want to check out Michigan. This reminds me so much of something my friends would do.

    And also, BEER. <-Probably my favorite quote in this post.

  7. Seemed like you had a lot of fun! That puppy you're petting looks so happy and friendly! :D

    Also, I'm jealous you could wear long sleeves and not die.


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