Tony Spark

5:30 PM

Finally, you guys, the post I have been meaning to get to for the past three weeks: My new car! After only three weeks of ownership, it already needed a good vacuum and a wash. Of course, ten minutes after washing the car, Louie stuck his nose all over the windows. Dog-snot ftw!

Anywho, this is my new baby! Say "hello" to Tony Spark, my 2013 Chevy Spark. When Beans finally died a  month ago, Kyle and I figured out a budget for a newer car. Through some friends, I met my newer friend Chelsea, who just happens to work for an auto-dealership. I started looking online at their website at cars, and kept messaging her about different ones. The best part was that Chelsea is not a sales-(wo)man, so I just told her our budget and we walked around looking at the cars on the lot. I was almost set on a Sonic, when she showed us the Sparks. Then, she showed me the Pink one. 

Kyle and I went home and hammered out the pros and cons of both cars, and I also "test-drove" my co-worker's Ford Fiesta (another car I wanted to look at). I really liked all three, but the brand-new Spark was the cheapest, and the one I REALLY wanted. Both Kyle and my Dad are terrified that I am going to get hit driving this car and get totaled because of the small size of it, but I do A LOT of driving around and now that gas is $$ again, it made sense. Also, its pink! I am not THAT much of a pink person, but it is an almost dusty purple-pink. These photos are a bit dark, so that does not help.  But yes, I love my pretty car! First car I have ever owned with working A/C, electric windows, and does not burn/leak oil. Also, the locks work! Woot-woot!

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6 Musings

  1. LOVE IT! I have a small car too..and its so great on gas. I'm glad we got it.

  2. It is so adorable!!!
    Love your stickers of course. hehehehe. It really is a pretty shade! Nice work on getting it!

  3. your car is SWEEEEEEEEET! how awesome is the color! congrats Sara! i love it! so much fun.

  4. Oh, I know you have adventures in it, every day! Love the car.

  5. Such a beautiful baby. Love its name too!

  6. you can't ever go wrong with a pink car! i love it!!


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