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If I was sore after last weekend, I am a living corpse this morning. We had a little impromptu work BBQ after work on Friday night, which turned out to be pretty awesome. Saturday, Kyle and I cleaned the house, took Louie for a 6 mile walk, then attacked more of the weed trees in the yard with help from Dan and my brother Mark. It was hard work, and we had been going at it for about 6-7 hours.We then  burned some of the wood in our fire-pit and relaxed with some beers, which was basically perfection after the day we had. Sunday Kyle and I took Louie for a 7 mile walk, I scrubbed the kitchen & touched up the paint (finally!) and Kyle worked on the yard a bit more. Then, we walked another two miles that evening going to my parent's house for Father's day and back again. I even managed to mend one of my dresses from the never-ending pile of clothing that needs to be mended, AND, I was only seven minutes late today. 

I feel like I need a weekend for my weekend, but, I do feel good getting a bunch of stuff done that really needed to get done. Plus, not going out means we saved money (we ate mostly at home all weekend), and not having friends over, drinking until 5am means that we were able to tackle these things. Funny how that works...

Dress & Vest-Thrifted
Belt-Mackinac Island Gift Shop
Bag & Earrings-Urban Outfitters
Shades-Forever 21

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8 Musings

  1. Sounds like a decent enough weekend to me! I too feel like I need a weekend from my weekend though!

    And you have owl necklace! Me love!

  2. i know what you mean about needing a weekend for your weekend, but i also know what you mean about feeling so good at accomplishing things. plus, it sounds like you have a ton of fun sprinkled in with the work!

  3. you got it done girl and had a little fun too! so happy for you.

  4. Such a productive weekend! I'm loving the vest, I'm on the lookout for one like that myself.

  5. Wow! Just Wow..wish I could get that much done. Its so humid here. I just want to stay in.

  6. So love the owl necklace! You are fierce for that walking and house stuff. You go girl!!!

  7. Love your outfit! Sounds like such a productive weekend. If only I could take all those walk..if only...

  8. When the weather gets nice, we tend to overdo the weekends. And suffer for it on Monday. I think we should be allowed to rest on Mondays after being so busy all weekend. :)


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