10:30 AM

IMG_1555 IMG_1545 IMG_1546 IMG_1556 IMG_1554 After much deliberation, I finally downloaded the most recent Tegan & Sara album "Heartthrob" (thank you itunes giftcard!). One of my favorite activities is to take a long walk and listen to music, but that triples when I have new music to listen to. I am one of those annoying shits who will listen to the same album over and over until I basically have it memorized (see also: the real reasons why Kyle scoffs at She & Him and Weezer). 

I have a 6 mile route that I take Louie on, and it takes us around a golf a course where it takes all of me not to  yell "FOUR!" (I have no shame), then around part of the Detroit Zoo. Sometimes the camels come all the way up the fence, and it is really awesome because they baffle the living hell out of Louie. He will give them the stare-down, which lasts all of 30 seconds before he starts hopping all over the place and yelping because he wants to play with them. My dog: wants to play with camels, but is deathly afraid of bicycles. Welcome to my life. 

Coat & Shirt-Thrifted
Tights & Bracelet-Target
Bag & Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Belt-Mackinac Island giftshop 
Studs-c/o Anjolee

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12 Musings

  1. Haha I am on eof those annoying shits too ;)
    You look just beautiful anyways, that dress is wow.

  2. Ohmygosh I love that beaded dress!!! Also, your dog is awesome lol

  3. SUCH an awesome dress - I love it!

    And I think Heartthrob is the best thing Tegan and Sara have released in awhile! I love it!

  4. i really like your dress with those tights haha I haven't to listen to Tegan and Sara new album yet I need to

    aww louie hahaha

  5. wow, that dress is stunning! i love it on you! dogs are very weird...mine is both fascinated and terrified of the vacuum!

  6. Wow..6 miles..You keep Louie in shape too!

    Love the dress.

  7. Oh, I love to listen to tunes while I walk too. I found some very old Katy Perry and Leila other day on an MP3 players. It was so good to find those tunes.

  8. Sara, your dog is a trip! HAHAHA Omg'd that's amazing you can get that close to the camels. So awesome! I would visit daily just to see them. LOVE your dress! So sparkly and cheery. You look great!

  9. Haha! thay are funny. How nice that you get to walk him around the zoo, very cool. Here in Miami its kind of hard to find nice peaceful places to walk your dog, everything is soooo crowded and full of buildings.
    Love, love and love your dress, beautiful dress, beautiful outfit..
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  10. Love the red accents and that dress is amazing. Oh I totally do that with music... Wish I had a dog to walk!

  11. That dress is stunning. It looks so flapper-esque, but you styled it in such an unexpectedly casual way. Impressive. Dogs are funny like that. Mine is scared of watering cans. Following this darling blog now!

    May the Force be with you.


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