Caught A Light Breeze

10:30 AM

IMG_1507 IMG_1513 IMG_1531

Guys, we are having an actual, real Spring in Michigan! It went from freezing cold, to muggy heat-wave, to an official Spring! This day has never come. Also, lets pretend that these photos are deliberately artsy and whimsical-ish and not me just derping out, standing in the blinding sun. So much win. 

Anywho, I've got a busy day/week/month ahead of me and there is not enough coffee. There is never enough coffee, but hey, at least it tastes good, correct?

Jacket & Lace top-Thrifted
Bag & Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Jeans & Scarf-Target

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6 Musings

  1. I wish I had your sunshine and spring! Oh well, we'll catch up eventually!

  2. I need to find that same scarf!!! it's so cool!! :D

  3. Here in Bucharest is extremely hot, summer came here since April and I'm sure in the next months I will melt!

    You're looking cute! The flats are adorable!

  4. hahaha! enjoy the lovely weather. i'm trying to do the same. however it's been blistering hot and we're expecting rain through Saturday. booo. oh gosh, the sun can be a real killer in photos. i hate that.

  5. Oh so muggy..then stormy here..


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