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Sabrina Fairchild is a chauffeur's daughter, young, and in love. However, there are a few issues: the first being that the person who Sabrina is so smitten with, hardly pays any attention to her. The second, this person, David Larrabee, is the very wealthy son of  the family who employees Sabrina's father as their personal chauffeur, so there are some class issues here. The third problem being: Sabrina won't be there for long. 

Wanting a better life for his daughter, Thomas Fairchild squirrels away enough money to send Sabrina off to Paris to learn how to become a chef, like her late mother. He also secretly hopes that her time away from the mansion will help null her feelings for David. After two years away, Sabrina comes back as a mature, grown adult.

Her father misses the correct time to pick Sabrina up to take her home, and who should come to her rescue?  David, of course. Ever the playboy, he does not recognize Sabrina, but is very eager to get to know her. It is not until he pulls up into the garage to realize that this beautiful young woman was Sabrina all along. So of course he invites her to his parents elegant party that evening, with the hopes of getting to know her more. 

However, there is another issue to work through: The first one being, that David is actually engaged to someone else, who will also be at the same party. Sabrina already knows this, but feels that she is finally getting her chance, so she proceeds to let David take advantage of her. The family does not approve of his behavior, although they do admire Sabrina greatly. Enter Linus, David's older brother to save the day. He plots to woo Sabrina over himself, and then somehow ship her off, back to Paris and out of the family's way. The problem is, the more time he spends with Sabrina, the more he starts to have feelings for her. 

So that leaves one last problem: Which one will she choose?

When I pulled this movie out, Kyle exclaimed: "Hey! I only like MODERN chick-flicks, what is this?". OF COURSE 20 minutes into it, he was glued. Personally, I have always had a soft spot for the more classic romantic comedies. Of course it is cheesy, and predictable, but the witty banter, crafty scheming, adorable outfits, and facial expressions are fantastic in this film. 

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4 Musings

  1. Such a great classic to watch together.

  2. I feel like all films from this era were predictable; but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. LOVE Sabrina - or, rather, any Audrey film! :)

  3. I love the movie Sabrina and Funny Face. Her dresses are exquisite in each.


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