Fan-Girls Don't "Calm"

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When I was in middle school, the tail-end of 7th grade to be exact, I discovered through a friend the magnificence of  X-Files. I was drawn to all of the supernatural aspects of the show, I wanted to BE agent Dana Scully, and David Duchovny was the first man who I fell in love with who was twice my age-if not more. My friend and I "shipped" Mulder and Scully, before "shipping" was the word for it, and I wanted to be best friends with The Lone Gunman. 

I think at first, my parents appreciated that I watched something other than cartoons for the first time. Then I started cutting out pictures of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and taping them to my walls. I made a list of when X-files was on and what channel, and tapped it to the fridge. I would randomly write "I want to believe" all over any blank surface with a permanent marker. I remember the first time my dad told me to "not become obsessed with x-files" (he was a trekkie, but never wanted to admit it, because he was/is always teased about it). Um, too late. I think my parents finally gave up when I chopped my hair into a bob and dyed it red, they assumed I would just 'grow out of it'. Eventually, I calmed down a bit. My friend stopped watching it when David Duchovny all but left the show, and when I had no one to discuss the show with anymore, I became obsessed with The Backstreet boys like any other teenager. 

Now as an adult, and 27 years old at that, you'd think I would be able to contain my fan-girling, HAHAHA. The internet just makes it easier to find others who obsess over the same crap that I do. What I really have to be thankful for at the moment, is my marriage. Kyle not only puts up with all this nonsense (lots of eye-rolling on his part), he fully encourages it. I am not sure if he thinks fighting me on this is just not safe, or if he wants to test how incoherent I can become over whatever fandom/actor, I will not shut-up about at the moment. 

Kyle now refers (I think mostly without realizing it) to Tom Hiddleston as "Hiddles". When I came home with  a printed copy of the Rory Gilmore book list, he went into the library to help me find books on the list that I had not read yet. After basically forcing him to watch Doctor Who with me this summer, he went as the Tenth Doctor for Halloween. I had a really, really, shitty week a few months ago, and he came home with a Tardis blanket. AND, after confessing my undying love for Tom Baker (don't ask), the Fourth Doctor, Kyle did refer to him as an old creeper, but then I came home to find two bags of Jelly Babies on the counter last night, Kyle had ordered them from the UK because they are not sold here. 

As much as I love my TV shows, the actors, characters, and my books, I could never love any of them as much as I love Kyle. He could have easily ignored this side of me, but instead encourages it, even if he is horrified at times. That is why, Sideburns are cool. 

Dress & Coat-Forever 21
Necklace-Love 21
Bag, Tights, & Boots-Target
Gloves-Urban Outfitters

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11 Musings

  1. d'awww Sara, this was cute.

    also digging those tights + boots!

  2. I love this. The picture of your trekkie dad telling you to "not become obsessed with x-files" is adorable and hilarious. Coming from a very non-nerdy family I think they're all a bit confused where I got it from. Thank goodness my boyfriend wholeheartedly embraces geekdom with me!

    I love fan-girling out about things. And the internet makes it so much easier and kind of better. I kind of love reading fanfic and seeing beautiful, creative art. I know a lot of people probably see that as painfully dorky, but I see it more as passionate. When a show/movie/book is really good you don't ever want it to end, and that's what fandom gives you. It's awesome.

  3. I LOVED this!! I come from a family of nerds. Star Trek and Star Wars to be exact. My Uncle was a hardcore trekkie who used to go to the conventions and would return tribbles and spock ears for me. My brother got the good "stuff". A lot of people I knew thought it was weird but I thought it was totally normal. I'd watch X-Files and thought David was just dreamy but ER was on during that time and George Clooney had my full attention :) Oh, and I LOVE those yellow rainboots you're wearing!!


  4. awww I love this post! I definitely understand your love and obsession with certain things and it's the best to have a supportive husband/boyfriend who lets you be yourself about it!

  5. Your man is a keeper. Seriously. Someone who not only tolerates but supports our odd obsessions is worth hanging onto with a death-grip. Such people are rare in life. Lucky you!

    P.S., Love the colors of the boots, tights and scarf. Very attractive look.

  6. Cute, Cute outfit. you look perfect. Love your boots.
    ** Style Id Net **

  7. I'm glad you've found some one who loves what you love. Love the stripes too.

  8. I loved your last paragraph! Great outfit, too!

  9. This was great, I loved the whole post! I was also an absolute nutter for X-Files when I was younger. I made myself fake FBI badges and was pretty darn proud of my old holey "The truth is out there" T-shirt. I always wanted to be Mulder though...And all those things your hubby does for you are so sweet!

  10. You can't get Jelly Babies in the US?! That's terrible. Thank goodness you have a fab husband to get them for you. I've never seen the X-files except once when I was too young and it scared the s**t out of me!

    Clearly Doctor Who is brilliant though - lots of it got filmed around where we went to uni so we spotted David T a few times - woof!

  11. My brother has all of the X-Files on DVD and adores it. One of my best friends says it is the best show that was ever in the 1990s. I never saw it though!!!! I wasn't interested in Television in the 90s, honestly. . .I'd watch Doctor Who on VHS recordings and that was pretty much it. I watched loads of TV in the 80s though. Anyway, I really need to see this show!!!!


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