Deep Contrasts

10:30 AM

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The are some pretty significant spring-like aspects to this outfit, even though it is mid-December. But really, it might as well  be Spring with the warm weather we are having...and significant lack of snow. I just want to go sledding you guys! 

Anywho, this weekend was a lot of fun, and went by too damn fast (but what else is new?). The work outing was great, a few salesmen started a $200 tab for everyone, so we proceeded to drink a lot. Then Kyle and I met up with some friends at Sneakers, and drank some more. Yeah, we pretty much were completely drunk by the end of the night. But you know what is almost always more fun than a night out drinking? Getting a hangover breakfast the morning after. There is always that one friend who wakes up waaayyyy before everyone else, demanding food (ahem). The one friend who tweets everything everyone says the night before, you know, when we think we are saying something clever and witty, and it really is just completely dumb as all hell. Then you have the people who just befriend everyone, and then you have people you don't remember talking to. There is also the friend who should know better, but brings a very nice new person around  while we are drinking, only to leave without saying goodbye, because you scared the crap out of them. 

And the next day you get a random text message with a picture of Matt Smith, because Matt Smith. 

Tights, Glove, & Hat-Urban Outfitters
Coat-Forever 21
Shoes, Cardigan, & Scarf-Thrifted

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17 Musings

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love going out for a hangover breakfast, lol.

    Your skirt is so pretty! I think it works for winter just fine.

    We do have a little snow left here, but it actually RAINED of all things this weekend which made a bunch of it melt. :P

  2. haha sara! an interesting weekend indeed girl! but it sounds like super fun. LOVE your skirt and that owl tote is the cutest. have a great week.

  3. Aww, drunken weekends! I like the spring-winter outfit!

  4. You look so beautiful - that skirt is a dream and I of course covet it greatly :P

    I'm always the super friendly one :o

  5. And you make me want to wear more skirt. I love the pleats on your skirt. I love pleated skirt but I have a hard time with ironing them. The ones with the bigger pleats though.

  6. Your hat is so cute dear!
    the nude look is great
    LVE the cookies

  7. You mix textures like a pro! Really love this, the yellow mittens are a nice touch :)

  8. I love the pastels with the neutrals, I think it definitely makes it wintery enough! I totally don't believe certain color palettes only belong in warm weather season! You're weekend sounds so fun! Hangover breakfasts always taste so much better haha!
    xo Hannah

  9. Its so pretty. sounds like you have a good weekend..except for the tab.

  10. Love'n the tights! Wow, my weekend was pretty boring. Such cool friends you have.

  11. Oh what an interesting circle of friends you have!

    Sweet cap! Lovely, outfit!

  12. Its that time of year. Glad you are having some spite of those little problems.

  13. Such a great look. Very festive. I hope you have a great week!

  14. I LOVE this outfit, especially with the coat. I would die for a coat like that--and the appropriate weather to wear it.

  15. I never heard of hangover breakfasts before. So interesting. I love the softness of the colors in this outfit.


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