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Over the weekend, Kyle and I decided to stay the night in Frankenmuth Michigan, because Christmas! After our hangover breakfast Saturday, we got a pretty late start and did not end up there until after it got dark. We stayed in a cute little motel-where I proceeded to turn the heat up really high, because I can't at home (proud owner of TWO snuggies right here!). We then walked to downtown and checked out a few shops, went to the Frankenmuth Historical Museum, and had dinner at a little bar called "Tiffany's". We drove through the Bronner's parking lot to see all of the lights lit up which was really cool. We bummed around some more the next day, bought lots of cheese, soup and dip mix, and even braved going inside Bronner's (the world's largest Christmas store). The place was insane, overwhelming, and I don't know how we made it out alive. But I can say that our Christmas tree is pimped out right now! Between Bronner's and the cheap ones at Target, we made out pretty good this year. 

Kyle and I still have to get all of the presents wrapped up, and we have loads of cookies to bake yet. I also have two gifts that I need to mail out ASAP, but I never seem to make it to the post office in time. GRR!!! It is almost 2013, why hasn't teleporting and whatnot been invented yet? Or at least hover-boards, just sayin'. 

Dress, jacket, & Sweater-Thrifted
Tights-Urban Outfitters

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11 Musings

  1. teleporting is an excellent idea Sara! they need to work on that pronto. i have a package i have to get to the post office today. dreading it! LOVE your bear hat! It is so cute! Glad you all had a great time. I've ordered ornaments from Bronner's in the past! They have nearly EVERYTHING!

  2. Your bear hat is adorable! And it sounds like you had fun time on your mini-adventure!!

    I have wrapping to do, things to mail and cookies to bake too. I'm beginning to wish there were more hours in the day! Or that I could function on no sleep!

  3. That sweater and hat are so cute together! I say all the time how we can have hella small phones loaded with technology but no hoverboards. I demand a hoverboard!!

  4. Oh, you look like Christmas. Love the outfit. What a great outing!

  5. So love the hoodie and cap!

    Wow! That must have been a fun weekend!

  6. So love that hat! You really know how to keep the spirit of Christmas going. I need to dress more fun!

  7. Oh, love how you guys get into the HOLIDAY spirit!

  8. So adorable. Looks like Christmas is definitely coming!!

  9. You two are so great together. Wishing you lots of adventures together.

  10. Sounds like a lovely time, and I love your outfit.

  11. My momma's a grade school teacher and tomorrow's their Christmas party, I'm joining and bought candies for the kids. Love wrapping em sweets and treats!


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