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This skirt has been a little trail-and-error for me. I originally bought it from Modcloth during one of their gigantic sales, and as much as I loved the shape and detail of this skirt, the length was not happening. I decided to shorten it, on my own, and by hand. I managed to pin it straight, and the front and back hemming came out, but I completely screwed up the sides. I did not take into account that this is a full skirt, and I ended up not creating the proper darts or whatever. I also should have ironed it again before taking pics, but you know I was already failing so… I think I can still fix the sides; I did end up wearing this skirt again over the weekend, so expect to see it again in all of its misshapen glory.

In other news, the next thing on my list to tackle is this blog. I have figured out a basic idea of what I want to post when, outfit photos during the week, other crap on the weekends. I may eventually do two daily posts, but for now those might just come at random. Blogger is an asshole when it comes to actually posting scheduled posts, so as soon as I figure that out, bribery maybe? Blogging will be smoother. That and taking photos myself, which I HAVE been doing, but there are a few things to battle; close-ups (I need a prop for the camera to focus on), and time. My house has the worst lighting ever, and it looks like Christmas vomited in my spare room so I pretty much have to take outfit photos outside. It gets too dark after work, so that leaves me with two choices; before work, or during. Trial and error people, let’s do this

Skirt & Shoes-Modcloth

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  1. I feel ya. My best outfit pics are taken outside by Dear Hubby or The Teen, but with daylight savings time and everyone's rush schedules, it's not always possible to have a photographer. I'm slowly learning self-photography, but it's such a pain when you can't see the picture you're taking :P

    This skirt is really cute, and the newsprint brooch is awesome.

  2. I love that you're getting lots of wear from your wedding shoes. Does it make you think back to the day every time you put them on?

    I like that skirt and I'm impressed that you even attempted to turn it up yourself - it looks pretty good in the photos. If I'd tried it would have been a disaster!

  3. I take all my own outfit pictures too, it can definitely be a challenge sometimes! Trial and error is all you can do!

    I'm in love with your plaid shirt and brooch. So cute.

  4. Sounds like a good plan. I drop the idea of making a new blog for my outdoor life. It's a bit hard to maintain two blogs with just one self in 24hrs. I hate scheduling posts with blogger. It doesn't post on schedule.

    BTW, does flickr hosts all your photos on this blog?

  5. blogging is definitely a challenge and work! hahaha there's so much that goes into a post. i just go with the flow. usually around holiday time i slow down a bit, only posting 3 times a week. do what is best for you. LOVE your shirt! that's a great plaid and your skirt looks great to me! i love that paper broach. that is the coolest! have a great week!

  6. trial and error is good! i'm excited to see what you've come up with. i take my own pics for the most part, too...but once the snow comes, we'll see how much i do outside!

  7. So love the details to this outfit. Great look, and so fun!

    Good luck with the blogging.

  8. Such an awesome skirt. Wish I had shoes like that!

  9. Oh, so adorable!

    All the best on the posts!

  10. It does get tricky figuring out when to take photos during winter. Good luck with that one. It's certainly a challenge for me. I love the skirt kudos for hemming it yourself. I like that you paired a cozy autumn flannel button up with a dressy skirt it's a nice balance.

  11. So much you've learned from blogging!

    Love the outfit! Sweet details, too!

  12. great post :)
    love your bog :)
    following u :) hope you do the same ;)

  13. oh I know how you feel with the getting dark so early! I only ever take outfit pictures at the weekend now. I wouldn't have noticed about the skirt by the way!

  14. My house has bad lighting, as well. I have to take ALL of my nail pictures outside in the backyard. As for the skirt...regardless of any misshapen-ness, it looks gorgey on you!

    P.S. Go to ULTA (online or in-store) for nail polish. They have incredible prices, and a HUGE selection. :)

  15. Adoring the rose!! I need something like that because I'm obsessed with roses

  16. Dude I actually love how the skirt came out, it looks fine to me! It's my fave thing about the outfit! OKAY.

  17. Hi Sara Beautiful your loonk and your hair...beautiful flower

    kisses rose jp

  18. I read about your blogging woes with scheduled posts. So sorry you had such a pain with it. your flower is adorable and I love your shoes!! Those are the ones you wore at your wedding, right??


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