October Grey

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I really loved this particular outfit from last week, I even think Kyle did a really great job with the photos (I love Kyle, but he likes to cut my feet out of the pictures a lot), I even managed to avoid the derp-face! I am annoyed that I forgot the cars were parked right behind me though. I have no idea why that annoys me, it just does.

People keep asking me how married life is and I have to say that it is going pretty good. For the first time in a very long time I have things that I WANT to do, not HAVE to do. I feel like after I graduated, I went straight into wedding-planning mode and left little time for any other projects. Right now I am working on getting the house cleaned up, which sounds super-lame. However, our house is really dusty and we have three furry babies who shed like it’s their damn job, plus I have been cooking a lot = lots of dirty dishes, as well as all of the wedding projects mess. I am also working on making myself a little recipe book, mending clothes that I have had sitting aside for over a year, house projects, oh and organizing my basement. Kyle and I currently have YMCA memberships, but they are tres expensive. Kyle works 45+ hours a week, plus has two classes, so he never goes to the gym. I probably have not been in a month, I have no excuse, other than I’m lazy. SO, I am going to clean out an area of the basement and *hopefully* find a used treadmill to use when I am not able to walk Louie or do a workout DVD. I am more likely to walk more than a half-hour if I can watch something on TV while doing it. Plus, now that I am out of school/married, I can catch-up on ALL the shows! Muwahahaha! Why that needed an evil laugh is beyond me, but there you go.

Dress & shoes-Modcloth
Sweater & necklace-Gifts

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  1. I got annoyed with the "How's married life?" question pretty quickly. Dominic and I had lived together for two years before that, so married life was not different than regular life, unless you count how we filed out taxes.

  2. I hated the married life question too. Of course my answer was "terrible!" lol

    I'm glad that it's about the same or better since you have more time to do things you want and not plan a wedding.

    I'm sad we never made it to Stony for walks with the dogs other than the one day in the spring. Summer went by way too fast!

    Also these pics show something I have been thinking about....your hair looks so much lighter now that it's cut in the pixie. Did you lighten it too?

  3. I love that dress! It's so cute! And your hat is adorable too, but I'm pretty sure I told you that the last time you wore it.

    The questions never end for a married couple, just FYI. :)

  4. Listening to you describe your life is endlessly fascinating to me. Please never stop. :)

  5. You look so pretty. I love your dress and I'm pretty sure I need to pick up a pair of gray tights for this Fall.

    I was just thinking when I woke up this morning I am going to have to get myself down in my basement this weekend to clean it up. I used to have an entire section of my basement devoted to working out. Treadmill, stationary bike, weights, tv, etc. And I actually used it for a long time but it has been like a year and I need to get my act together.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. I so love the pink shoes with this outfit!

    Oh..I can never get anything done..either.

  7. You do sound busy. I'm glad you are getting around to getting a recipe book in order. Easier said than done.

    Somebody is always cutting out a recipe, handing it over..like its my duty to do something with it.

  8. Wishing you all the best. Such an adorable about fit!

  9. That is so funny..the married life question.

    Oh, so adoring that hat. I want one!

  10. I still love this time of year for the outdoors. I don't want to think about treadmills yet.

    Love this pink outfit! And the tights too!

  11. first off super cute dress. secondly I totally get why you would be annoyed by the cars in the shot. I mean the pics came out nice but I would have gotten annoyed too. Thirdly exercising while watching tv is so much better than working out with no source of distraction. I like to record Hoda and Kathie Lee in the morning and then work out to it later that day. Good times.

  12. Love this dress!! I've been sucked into watching season after season of Lost. I am addicted but it is so good!!

  13. Sara, these are stunning photos - props to Kyle!

    I love unstructured, unscheduled time when I don't feel like I have to be getting ready for something. I just want to vacuum our stairs. Fur babies are hard on stairs :P

  14. Hi Saraaaaa!!!!! I love your eyes, beautiful blue!!!!!

    I loved your look Sara!!! Beautiful !!!!!

    Kisses and hugs

    Rose jp

  15. Sara i dont have translation in tablet sorry!!!!!

    Kisses rose jp

  16. I love the colors of that dress!! Kyle is a hard working man! That is so wonderful that he is doing that for you both. Also it is wonderful that you are enjoying doing things you want to do!

  17. I hear you about outfit shots minus the feet. I love the quality of the photos, too.

    Happy Weekend! =)

  18. So, so pretty! I love your dress!
    Following! :)

    P.S: I invite you to join my giveaway. You can win a $20 gift card for jewelry from Estarer.com plus a secret price.

  19. Cute outfit. I love that dress. Your blog is really interesting, so I would like if we could follow each other.



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