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One of the greatest discoveries of rummaging through the last of the clean laundry is relocating a forgotten item, and then pairing it with some favorites to be able to get to work fully clothed. “Favorite” can also be swiped for “abused” in this instance for my poor grey tights, but never fear, I have since replaced them. Not that I don’t like looking slightly rugged, but I am pretty sure that I just look like a klutz/slob in this case.

Other than dressing up to pass out candy for Halloween on Wednesday, I have no real plans for this week. Laundry is stashed in corners, waiting to be washed, folded, and worn. The New York Times and The Oakland are mixed and pilled upon an unused chair in my kitchen, eager for me to pry open and pour over their contents, with heaps, HEAPS, of coffee. Recently acquired squash are also stacked in the kitchen, anticipating their transformation into meals for the week.

However, my DVR is also full of Halloween goodies so rotting my brain with hours of TV is also a great possibility.

Dress-Shop Speedy Girl
Earrings-Gift from Mom

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19 Musings

  1. I'm loving those shoes.
    And laundry. Bleck. Someday, when I don't have to go down three flights of stairs and pay with quarters, I may like laundry. For now, it's just something that keeps me home when I want to be out doing stuff.

  2. I'm in the mood for trick or treating. I want some free candies. I hear you about finding some favorites from the laundry basket.

    I'm waiting for some miracle while I stare at a pile of dirty laundry as of this writing.

  3. You do not look like a klutz or a slob. You look really cute and pulled together. I love how your new haircut allows your earrings to be highlighted. I acquired an owl necklace at a vintage store this weekend that I can't wait to break out.

    The paper newspaper and my morning coffee are two things I cannot live without.

  4. Ok you look amazing - not like slob at all! This is so super cute, I love the dress and the shoes and especially those owl earrings!!! I love everything owl!!

    And I'm kinda jealous of your week, not going to lie.

  5. sara! i love your new haircut! you look fresher, and i hope i had a courage to cut my hair that short! the outfit just perfect, i love your blue dress. you look pretty as always :) happy halloween, i hope you had a good one! :)

  6. You look lovely in navy. I like the neck detail on the dress! :) Have a great Halloween!

  7. Haha I totally get you! I have a pair of tights that I have worn for YEARS from JCPenney and I just now replaced them last year. It's so great when you find staples like that though because you definitely get your money's worth, ay?
    You look gorgeous in navy, that is such a beautiful hue on you! And seriously Sara, I'm dying over here about your hair. You look SO good with a pixie cut!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  8. So cute.. love the dress and the earrings.

  9. Stop. This is the cutest outfit evs.

  10. Such a happy color on you! It makes me want to get out my tights now!

  11. So adoring this Autumn post. Great shoes, too!

  12. Such a great Monday post. Sweet outfit!

    Good luck with the squash!

  13. Oh, those are cool tight! I love my grey tights too!

  14. This is so adorable. I love this dress!

  15. Such a cool trim on the dress. Hope you have fun watching all that TV!

  16. i had loads of laundry this past weekend to do! it's a never-ending cycle! hahaha love your navy dress! the trimming on it is so pretty. i also like the idea of pairing it with heather grey. i didn't think of that and it looks so cool together. love your owl earrings! they are so charming :)

  17. That dress fits you like a glove! I love your hair cut, it's still so new to me. I hate when opaque stockings get runs in them. Errr. Have a great Holloween.

  18. such a cute dress!
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  19. That dress is so adorable on you, Sara! And I am LOVING your earrings!! :)


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