The Slouch

9:05 AM

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Never pair two baggy/slouchy items together, got it. Can’t say that I didn’t like this look at all, but looking back at these photos from last week I can say that this was not the perfection of parings.

These are the last outfit photos with my longer, ombre hair. I had my friend Sara (awesome name, awesome girl) come by Monday after work to give Kyle and I haircuts and I had mine chopped and colored! I have also made it to the gym and have taken Louie out twice this week, while managing to cook dinner each night, clean my house, AND work on some wedding crafting. I have never felt so accomplished and organized in my life! Woot Woot! We still have a few hurdles to get through, but I am hoping to have the bulk of everything worked out by the end of this weekend.

Also, not that I am consistent with posts whatsoever, how would you guys like to see a weekly remix feature on this blog? I have finally gone through most of my closet and replaced all of the clothes I never wear/don’t fit/torn or stained beyond repair with new clothes and of course kept a few items that I cannot seem to get rid of. I am trying to keep things interesting around here, and fun for me as well. Like what I did there? Finally got a handle on my shit, then turned around and added another project to my list? Will I ever learn?? Nope.


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16 Musings

  1. I understand your point about slouchiness, but I still love this outfit. The pieces are extraordinary and they look fabulous on you. So cute. So darn cute!

  2. I like the outfit but I can see what you mean about the slouchiness.

    It makes me so happy that you are happy with your hair!

    Great job getting so much accomplished this week! Think you can send some of that motivation my way? K, thanks! lol

  3. Remixes would be great. could even post..your top ten all time favorite outfits..too..that would be cool.

    So love this skirt.

    Its definitely time to get those boots out here. Now if I could only find mine.

  4. Totally sweet outfit!

    Oh, I love anything you post.

  5. Hi Sara !!! Today you beautiful...chic

    kisses rose jp

  6. You are such a busy girl!

    Such a sweet skirt with this top.

    I hope all is going well with the wedding. Glad the hair is all done now.

  7. Remixing sounds cool to me!

    I like the look you put together here, even if it is a bit slouchy! The buttons on the skirt are fun!

  8. Ah, I loved seeing that skirt on the modcloth giant sale and I was thinking about it. Looks better on you than it would have on me though, for certain. I don't do black clothing too well. I don't think it likes me. Anyway, your hair is beautiful and I adore how you have the tips. That is going to look great at your wedding. Good decision, I think!!

  9. i love remixing...but i can't believe you did all that while planning a wedding that is so soon!! you're crazy! but you look great, i think these two pieces look great shows off your teeny waist!

  10. I'm actually diggin the slouchiness. As always, you look great - and honestly, anything you post, I will read!

  11. I have to be comfy. Slouchy is a part of that..=)

  12. Ah! I haven't read any blogs in so long! When I saw this picture I was like, oh hai there new long ombre hair! I likey, but then read on to see that you got it allchopped off! D'oh. Oh well, I'm sure the new do is fabulous.

    Good luck with all your wedding planning!

  13. Honestly, I like how this outfit is styled. I don't think I can pull this off though but I think there are certain looks that only a few can pull off. You look great and I love the toughness of the boots paired with your sheer like top. The skirts great too.

  14. Oh,so sweet. Love your glasses!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Think slouchy hat. Now, those are great for fall.

  15. Oh, one of my personal pet peeves (of which I too am guilty of)...balance. I always try to pair flowy tops with skinny jeans, and fitted tops with slouchier bottoms, but sometimes the lines cross. So is the way of style.

    Regardless, I am in LOVE with that skirt and your boots. You look so sophisticated and professional!! :)

  16. You go girl! The best feeling in the world is accomplishing something, especially when it's a lot of things at one time!

    I love the outfit entirely and I think you look gorgeous! I just thrifted a skirt almost exactly like that and I can't wait to wear it with boots when it gets cool enough :). I think that remixing would be awesome as well!



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