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I know I have probably mentioned my wedding in the past ten posts, but I only have three weeks left! THREE. Three weeks to get a few more DIY projects done, finalize some of the more costly items on the agenda, lose eight pounds, and confirm with the last of the stragglers who have not RSVP’d. I have never planned anything so specific in my life, I have just about everything written down from now until we pile into the car at the end of the night on the 30th. I should probably even schedule bathroom breaks at this point since I have been consuming coffee like it is air.

Of course not everything scheduled in the next three weeks is all wedding-related, nope! Tonight a few of my friends and fellow Ferndale High School alumni are meeting up for an “Anti-High School reunion”. I actually didn’t graduate until 2003, but this gathering is for ANY graduating class. Basically a bunch of people are going to meet up in random areas of Ferndale and post on the event page on Facebook who will be where at what time and people are just going to meet up according to where they want to go, from what I understand. Which is pretty cool, my friends and I were already planning on some karaoke at a shitty dive bar in the area, so hopefully a few more oddballs will show up. I am willing to bet that if this goes well, another even like this will happen next year for my graduating class. Not everyone can spend $50+ on tickets to a reunion, so this is really cool alternative, and there is no pressure. FHS rejects, FTW!

Purse, Vest & Belt-Thrifted
Hair Clip- Ferndale Street Vender

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20 Musings

  1. Good idea. Hope you have fun tonight.

    BTW, Kyle is so lucky to have you in his life. Just sayin'...

  2. Have a fabulous time tonight, Sara! You look absolutely stunning - I love the curls at the tips of your hair; and that denim vest is pure awesomeness!! :)

  3. From what I've learned from my wedding, you will plan so many things and things will come up that you didn't even plan. That's just how these big things go! :) Love the dress.

  4. So much to do, but you look lovely doing it. So love your boots!

  5. Wishing you a great weekend. Oh my goodness! Sending you lots of positive thoughts that you stay on schedule.

  6. what fun! i hope you have a great time. i hope it's fun and relaxing because you have been so craxy busy!!

  7. I love this outfit. It is so Summery and has a real country and western vibe which is really cool!

    Good luck on losing 8 pounds! I already think your figure is perfect but it is how we feel in ourselves that matter :)


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  8. Eeeep I'm excited about your wedding! You don't need to lose any weight girl you look gorgeous now! ;). I totally adore that dress and I can't wait to start wearing boots around here (but sadly it was 90 something today in GA.. yuck) so I guess fall will be on hold for a few more weeks :). The karaoke bar sounds soooo fun! I've always wanted to go and do that with a group of girlfriends, but since I don't drink it hasn't quite worked out just yet. Lol!


  9. Such a great fall color for this dress. Sweet fashion for the late days of summer. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Sara!!! My friend beautiful dress and boots

    kisses rose jp

  11. Definitely an interesting alternative.

    Love the bag and boots!

  12. Oh this is SO exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your big day once it actually happens!!!!!!

  13. Really like wearing denim vests on floral dresses but haven't tried it but you look perfect in it. Can't believe it's almost three weeks before your wedding and I can't believe my best and college friend chose me as one of her bridesmaid. I can only imagine your stress.

    We're busy choosing venues, hotel's and all that stuff. It's a weekend. Relax! =)

  14. love this dress and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  15. High school reunions are quickly becoming a thing of the past, I feel. I have no inkling to go to my own. I have kept in touch with the handful of people I wanted to. Everyone else I can stalk online. ;)

  16. awww, you look really cute with that little bow on your hair :)) cant wait for the day, btw :D

  17. If you have a big poofy dress, you may want to schedule bathroom breaks. I've had to hold many a dresses so th bride could pee!

  18. If you have a big poofy dress, you may want to schedule bathroom breaks. I've had to hold many a dresses so th bride could pee!

  19. sounds like fun, we did the same thing. we just all got together at a local bar and caught up. have fun and eeek weeks till the big day! get lots of rest 9 hours of sleep if you can so that you are well rested and prepared to enjoy your special day.

  20. Oh you look so cute!
    Such a nice dress!


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