Labor Day

9:11 AM


Sometimes, people spend long weekends off in another city or away in a cabin somewhere, sometimes they spend time with family, or getting some projects done. I spent mine with my good friend, beer. I wasn’t alone with beer; I actually didn’t even get to spend any quality time with beer until late Saturday night, surrounded by friends and my brothers while we burned half-rotted wood in our fire-pit in the backyard.

After sleeping in until 11am the following day, we decided to get better acquainted with beer at the Arts, Beats, & Eats in Royal Oak. The above pictures capture the vital moments in the day: Kyle making a Kyle-face, Mariah & I being fabulous…Kyle being Kyle, myself & Mariah tackling a ride at the fair, Dan with two of his parent’s puppies, and a picture of a cat for good measure.

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13 Musings

  1. Fab photos! Love the Kyle-bombing in the third picture and the Alien From Outer Space Pretending To Be A Cat in the last photo. You have a great life!

  2. Beer is a good friend of mine too. Isn't it nice that Beer never lets you down?

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. Kyle's photo-bomb pic rules! Keep loving life, girl, because let's face is pretty rad :)

  4. does look like a great time was all. Love your pictures!

  5. GO YOU!

    Yeah, we had a pretty good time with some red wine at a friend's.

    Love the cat photo!

  6. Definitely a fine way to spend the last days of summer!

  7. You've got some great friends..and you are a great friend to them too. Looks like so much fun!

  8. beer is a very good friend! i love (LOVE!) that pic of you on the ferris wheel. you look so cute and happy!

  9. hehe. I didn't know a liquid drink could be a friend!!! Hilarious.
    You look darling and it seems like you had so much fun!!! I spent my Labor Day at home. Love all the photos and seeing your smile!!

  10. Third picture down = best picture ever. I cackled.

  11. How awesome is Kyle's photo bomb in the third picture? Love it! Also loving your Labor Day look and all of the pups and kitties - cuteness!! :)

  12. I haven't spend so much time with beer. But with meds, I have.

    Great Labor Day photos you have. I'm yet again, jealous.


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