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Yesterday Kyle spent half of the day trying to figure out his class schedule for the fall/winter semesters at Oakland, much to his frustration, and I couldn’t help but feel envious of his fall plans. I graduated high school way back in 2003 and took my time with college, enrolling every fall for anywhere between one to four classes. Not only did I struggle with the same issue every existential 20-something did, questioning what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be, apparently a Weezer roadie isn’t a “real job”, but I worked, usually 35-40 hours, while in school (hence the 100 years it took for me to obtain a Bachelor’s degree).

As frustrating as school was for me, I started to really love it when I finally got my ass in gear. I made my first college friends in my first semester of intro to French, I transferred from the community college I had been dawdling around in for years to Oakland, practically dragging Kyle with me. This is the first semester that I don’t have an excuse to buy “back to school clothes”, new notebooks, and slick ick pens. I am actually going to miss the crappy coffee at the Café O’Bears, the car-karaoke I performed on I75 while stuck in Rochester traffic, trying not to fall on my ass as I scrambled across the bridge over Bear/”Beer” lake in the winter. I am going to miss South Foundation hall, where 98% of my classes were held, and I will never cease to be astonished by the fact that there really is tuna in the vending machine in that hall.

School has always been a challenge for me, especially while working-and probably the sole reason why I have had bags under my eyes permanently since 2009, but I love learning. I think Kyle lives in fear that I will completely exhaust myself and try to go back for my Master’s degree, but for now I have a novel to work on. By the state of my blog-posts (I usually write on my work-breaks and almost always fail to proof-read), I have a long way to go. It doesn’t mean that I can’t sneak off to Rochester and park my butt somewhere on OU’s campus to do so. You know, right after I get this wedding thing done.

Headband-c/o Modcloth 

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20 Musings

  1. I am no longer in school but I still have panda eyes. Dark circles underneath the eyes are so hard to get rid off. T____T

    I LOVE the photos! You look so classic and reminds me of 60's girls. LOVE the RED LACE DRESS! Yep. Totally worth using all caps.

  2. Oh school. I don't miss it. Not even a little bit, lol.

    LOVE this dress, it looks amazing on you, totally amazing.

  3. it's been so long that i've been to school (other than my kid's school) that i don't even know if i miss it! ok, some days i do. i would not, however, ever miss vending machine tuna.

  4. Learning rocks. Sometimes you can get it in school but that's not the only place it exists. Self-initiated learning is wonderful: you follow your interests, no tests, and the result is satisfying personal growth.

    I admire your inclination to grow and learn and be more. I also admire this outfit! Very cute. Timeless, too. I can imagine meeting you in 1967 wearing these clothes and hoping we will become friends.

  5. I think you'll get to work on your novel really soon. Either that, or back to school for your master's...both seem like good choices to me. By the way, I have that Modcloth headband--it's too cute!

  6. Alright I'm inspired. Haha I've been at our community college here in town for about...hmmm on and off like 5 years. Geez I should just go for the bachelors. But I'm struggling. I work in a very demanding job. I work 50 - 60 hours a week. And I take 3-4 classes a term. Some of my interns are done with school (and from the private college in town - the only place where we get our interns), it kind of sucks. But I HAVE TO FINISH! Hopefully by then end of this winter, I'll be able to transfer to the private college. The only good thing about it all that I have to keep reminding myself is that since my boss insisted on paying for all the education, I wont have student loans to pay off later. Thank gooooodness! Way to go! I'm seriously happy I'm not the only one that has been this way. And no...I found out long ago that being a groupie was not technically a "career" choice.

  7. So love you in tangerine! All the best on your writing too.

  8. Sweet outfit.

    Well, as my grandmother said..never stop learning..she just never said how fast you have to learn.

    Wishing you all the best.

  9. Hey, at least you are writing. I have a friend who has been researching is novel for I DUNNO how long..and hasn't written one word yet.

    I remember writing on my breaks..on bits of a napkin with a guy I worked with who looked like a very young Keith Carradine who was great inspiration and an amazing pizza maker. He was in a band too, and I was always listening to his wacky romances.

    p.s..you look great in this color!!


    Oh..I have a feeling you'll get it done. You have goals that you do honor. I have faith in you.

  11. You can do back-to-school shopping whenever the school year starts without being IN school. . . I still do it hahaha.
    You look so very beautiful in this outfit!!

  12. I'm still in high school (sophomore year, yeahhhh! haha) but I can't help but look forward to college, even though I'm torn between like 5 different majors, haha.

    I love that dress so much! It looks gorgeous on you. I just bought the same one from Target in both coral and teal. :)

    Maria Elyse

  13. I don't think I will ever stop buying school supplies - even once I graduate. They will always be essential to me!

    LOVE your headpiece, Sara; it is very Nicole Richie boho!! :)

  14. i miss high school! you look so gorgeous and beautiful with that lovely dress and bag! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  15. You look perfect and trendy!

  16. You look amazing! Love to hear your working on a novel, that is a dream of mine, if I can ever get myself to sit still and focus for that long. I want to pre-order my copy!!

  17. You are so cool in this color. Hope you are have a great weekend.

  18. Love this look. Wishing you the best on everything you do.

  19. Hi Sara!!! Beautiful dress..

    kisses rose jp


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