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Oftentimes people will tend to get an idea about me or my personality and become comfortable with settling with the idea that that is me. I think what most people make the mistake of (myself included), is they forget the concept of “multiple interests”. I run a street style blog, I run, I like to cook, I love Shakespeare, I am a huge dork,  I go batshit crazy for Weezer, I am loud & crude, I can be a music snob, I live for books. I may take the time to style my hair and put on makeup before I go out, but that won’t stop me from making goofy faces and loud noises.

This past weekend I ran into an old friend from high school and his fiancé, and the first few times I had met this woman, she was a little cold towards me. After a 45 minute Doctor Who/Fringe/Xfiles discussion, she warmed up and we actually ended up having a great time.  The same goes for Kyle, people always think of him as "the nice guy" (which he honestly is, very nice), but those close to him know he can be very funny and snarky. He could also tell you the entire history of Michigan or Detroit if you get him started.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I really love that people have multiple interests and it might be hard seeing them at first. You might not have all the same interests as them, or any, but it is cool to unwrap the layers of one’s personality.

PS-Thanks to Mariah for joining me in these pics & taking the ones of me.

Necklace & shades-F21

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23 Musings

  1. You both look really cute - and yes she needs a fashion blog!

    I know how that goes, sometimes it takes a little bit to get to know someone, I thought for a long time my SIL's boyfriend didn't like the hubby and me, but he was actually just quite shy and needed to warm up on his own time. Now we get along great!

  2. so so true! what a great post. i love the pictures, too...and i especially love your wide range of likes and interests! weezer AND shakespeare!!

  3. Fantastic edgy dress and another great thoughtful post, Sara.

    People are always really shocked that a girl with such a penchant for reading and weird animal jewelry like me also kickboxes. However, I'm pretty high energy and occasionally aggressive, so finally finding and falling in love with kickboxing seemed only natural to me. It's good to keep surprising people though.

  4. Thanks for the compliment on my latest blog post. I ate so much dessert last month that I'm surprised I fit into the dress size I do too, haha. But a combo of kickboxing (which is a really great cardio and all around muscle workout, plus our instructor always killed us with intense conditioning) and stress (weirdly enough, I tend to lose weight when I'm stressed regardless of how many cookies I consume) last semester got me both skinny and in shape. When I went on all my whirlwind travels, I wasn't working out whatsoever and eating a lot of junk, but I walked a lot and tried to do ab exercises some mornings. I'm sure I'll gain weight back in America because it's impossible to walk as much as I do in Europe and my dad is a good cook, but I plan on taking kickboxing back up this fall.

  5. I seriously know what you mean. Its funny how people think they have you pegged to only like "this" and not "that". We are always evolving.

    Love your outfit! Great that you guys hit it off.

  6. This was a fun post. Oh, you are extra-ordinary..and inspiring, too.

    Love those boots!

  7. Such a great print on you! Its great that you have a lot of interests.

    Looks like a fine time, you two had.

  8. I tend to be quite shy when I fist meet people and they can sometimes take that as bitchy which is so not me at all. I've got layers and one of them just happens to be brain freeze upon meeting strangers. :)

  9. You’ve a lovely blog. Enter my Dior Giveaway! xo
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  10. hahahaaa..love the title of this post.

    Great commentary. I love your dress. I love your style.

  11. Your printed dress is awesome as well as your funny faces!

  12. Hello, Sara! I haven't visited your blog in a while and boy you look incredible! The blog lay-out is awesome too! Great read, as always. =)

  13. Wow! In love with this print!

    So cool to make new friends and find out how down to earth yet how complex you really are.

    It is strange though, when you think your closest friend knows you..just to find out that you are actually nothing like they think you are.

    Of course, most of my friends just think I'm quirky.

  14. Sweet post! Love your boots!

  15. That's so cool to find out you have more in common with someone than you thought. You just never know who you might meet.

    Love the dress.

  16. Ooh, I am in love with the print of your dress; and those boots are positively ferosh. You look fantastic, Sara! :)

  17. holy crap can we be best friends?! Haha I dont want to sound creepy...but we have a lot in common haha. Nope...it still sound creepy. I love OLD Weezer...and all of my friends know I'm a music snob...its just something they've learned to deal with:)

    P.S. thanks for commenting on my blog. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful area...but the $300 rent really is the best part haha

  18. Yesss, I love this! People tend to form ideas about other people based on very little information. And that's natural, we all do it. But it's important to be AWARE of it and not assume that what you know, or think you know, about someone is the whole truth. I don't even like assuming that people who are dicks to me are horrible people all the time. Sometimes people just have a bad day. I have bad days all the time when I'm a dick to someone and regret it later. People are so layered and complex, it's impossible to fully understand someone's motivations, their personality, their interests, everything. And that's why I love people!

  19. Your multiple-dimensions are one reason I like you so much. I speak as someone who also has a wide range of interests.

  20. I tend to warm up to people too.

  21. I know how that is. I'm so shy around new situations that people probably think I'm aloof, but it just takes me a while to get to know people and sometimes it just takes a shared interest to spark a conversation. There's this guy at work that I barely talked to when I first started working there, but now I lend him my Sarah Vowell books and Firefly DVD set and gives me western movie and book recommendations. :)

  22. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!


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