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8:21 AM

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Louie took one look at this outfit and said “Momma, this is lazy. Even for a lazy-day, casual outfit.” So he then decided to help me with these outfit photos but photo-bombing each and every one of them. Normally this would have been avoided, but we’ve been having high-winds and rain the past few days so we ended up with indoor pics.

In other news, I am officially signed up for my 10k run in June! Kyle asked me if I wanted to do the 10k run/walk or then 10k run. I am doing the run, and I am pumped! I did pretty good on the track last night, and today I have 30 minutes of cross-training. I look like a pack-mule hauling my purse, lunch, coffee, work-bag, and gym-bag to my car every morning but it is worth it. It feels good to focus on myself right now and work towards a goal that I have been wanting to work at for a long time.
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Flannel & tank-F21

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22 Musings

  1. You and Louie are so adorbs together - heart these pictures, Sara. Also...your mocs are amaze! :)

  2. I'm so excited for you! Wow!

    Oh, Louie has you wrapped around his big paw..just teasing. Lovely photos of you guys.

  3. Love the plaid! Awesome colors. You look great with Louie in this.

  4. Oh, you don't look lazy. Have to hang on to the sweaters here too.

    What a great photo of happiness..you two!

  5. I love your rolled sleeves. Lazy? I'd wear that to work if I had the clothing to do so. I am loving burgundy hues.
    And the quality of these photos is amazing. What awesome lighting! Is that in your house? I love the little draw set up.

  6. Adore your dog, I'm such a huge dog lover (I have a German Shepherd).
    Would love you to check out my latest post...if you love please follow & I'll follow you back!
    Happy Wednesday hun xoxo

  7. Hi!!! Thanks for your comment & for following!!! I'm your #400 follower on GFC ( wow!!! ) and #66 on Bloglovin!!! I'll appreciate if you'll have time to follow me also on Bloglovin!!! xoxo


  8. You two are so cute, cute, cute :)
    Hope you had a great day, kisses

  9. Louie looks even better when you wear plaid!

  10. awww your "little" guy is wicked cute. Best of luck with your run!

  11. Oh, what a fun post! Love you guys together. All the best on the race!

  12. You look totally cute. 'Lazy' or not. Also Louie is a super sweetie, I'm sure Ian would love to hang out with him if you guys were ever in town ;)

  13. I love your dog - how adorable! Great look

    feel free to check out my last couple of posts :-)


  14. such a cute pictures, you should always smile, because you look gorgeous with smile on ;)

  15. Awww! Doggy-love is the best!

    I never realized this before but your eye-color is really beautiful.

  16. Aww louie I love your casual/lazy outfit good luck on the 10k I have faith in you

  17. nice pictures..

    i will follow your blog...

  18. Psssssh, lazy? I think you look great. And yay for signing up for 10k, go Sara!! Do you boo.

  19. All of these photos are so so cute but the second to last one melts my heart! So so cute!

  20. Hi Sara your dog beautifullll...and you

    Kisses rose jp


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