Happy Easter!

8:32 AM

easter! 008

Time lately has just been flying by! I cannot believe Easter is already over, I had fun, the weather was amazing, but I wish I could have squeezed a little more sleep in this weekend, haha. Friday Kyle and I stayed in and caught up on New Girl & The Firm, and I edited some pics for the blog. Between all of the changes on blogger and Flicker, it took me awhile to get my photos how I liked them, but I think I will have to start using photoshop. Saturday, we got up early to take Louie for a walk to Tim Hortins for iced coffees and muffins. We had a few hours to kill, so we spent time pulling weeds and cleaning up the front yard a little. We still have some weeding and edging to do, but the front yard is almost ready for flowers, a few more weeks! The backyard, well, it’s a little post-apocalyptic. We then dragged my brother and his girlfriend to Ikea, they loved it of course. We are going to have to plan another trip when my brother moves to his new apartment-woot! We then meet my brother David at the bowling ally, made him sing “I’m sexy and I know it” at karaoke (it was a hit!) then we bowled a game and headed to National Coney Island for some late-night grub (I kept my will power and got a salad).

easter! 009

Sunday my brother David and I went for a 3 mile run, and I did okay for running with a marine. I stopped a few times due to cramps, and learned that doing crunches helps. I worked on my form a little too, and almost killed myself on a hill, but I felt so good after. Later on we had a feast at my parents, my mom made a traditional Polish meal-pierogis galore! Then we went to see “21 jumpstreet” and it was actually really funny, I almost never laugh that loud at movies.  Today I have a lot to tackle at work, then I have cleaning to do as well as my stretch & strength for my 10k training. It feels so good!

Belt, shoes & Cardigan-Thrifted

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17 Musings

  1. Three miles! I'd need an engine under me to travel that far. Good for you.

    And if you learn how to use Photoshop, maybe you can teach me. I've heard it's hard to use. I use Picasa, a simpler free photo-editing program.

    I like the dress and tights. You always look so stylish.

  2. hi Sara...you are beautiful!!!

    kisses rose jp

  3. aww, u look so sweet, sara! really love your style <3 everything look so match :)) and happy easter by the way :)

  4. I love this dress. It looks so cute on you! "21 Jumpstreet" looks hilarious. I really need to see it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Love your sweater with this outfit. What a full weekend you had!

  6. Such a lovely dress and sweater! How do you get in all those miles!

    All the best on this week.

  7. Oh, I love this dress! Sounds like quite a weekend.

  8. super cute dress and I love how you tucked the end of your belt in. Your weekend sounds fantastic, but how you completed a three mile run I'll never know! I tried to go on a mile hike with my husband and quit mid way....

  9. Aren't you adorable! So in love with this dress. Love the sweater with it too. Great to hear about your weekend. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  10. Sweet outfit! Love the sweater too.

  11. Hey, Sara! I sort of miss reading your posts and I see you're serious with running. Oh, how I wish we can run together! =)

    Time flies so quickly indeed! It's already the second quarter of '12 and I feel like I'm just lazing around and slacking with blogging and running. I'm doing three times a week and it's really a good alternative when I'm not running.

    Oh, belated Happy Easter. Your photos are gorgeous!

  12. Love this dress on you. Sounds like a pretty fantastic Sunday afternoon.
    Good luck with your running!

  13. That dress is super cute!

    xo Jennifer


  14. I LOVE that dress. It's on my wishlist (although likely not available anymore-damn you no new 2012)!!!! And super jealous of your polish Easter! I am half polish and my dad's side (the polish side) always did traditional polish foods for easter: Pierogis, dumplings, a lamb shaped butter, and then all the meaty things that I never really ate anyways. I miss that a ton! Oh man, I am totally craving my gram's pierogies now :)
    Xo Lori


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