Cozy Spring

8:45 AM

wings 009

 For some reason, I have been living in jeans this spring. I don’t know if it is the wedding, house & yard projects that are sapping all of my creativity, but I have been living in simple threads these past few months. I don’t mind the change though; it kind of forces me to make jeans a little more creative. I tend to forget to wear jewelry or cute shoes when I have jeans on, so this is a good way to still incorporate those items.

I cannot wait to get my tax return back; Kyle and I are planning on buying some summer duds! I think I am going to stick to keeping it simple for the warmer weather, and I am planning on hemming some skirts and dresses too. This summer is just going to be full of projects, and I cannot wait!

   wings 002wings 006 wings 005 

Sweater, shoes, belt, jacket & purse-Thrifted

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13 Musings

  1. No matter what you wear, fancy or plain, you're still cute. Incredibly cute. And I say this as an impartial observer.

  2. Saraaaa Hi!!! I loved jeans...and red is beautiful

    kisses rose jp

  3. i used to never like jeans, but i am liking them lately, too! i love your shoes...they are perfect for a casual jeans day!

  4. Go you! On those hems. I have to hem a lot too. I even had to hem a maxi. Now I'm trying to incorporate what I cut off into a circular scarf.

  5. Oh, such a great sweatshirt. I used to wear them all the time, but now I rarely do.

  6. All the best on making the most out of summer duds!

  7. What a wonderful Friday post. Jeans are the best. Especially, spring. We have very chilly springs here.

  8. <3 the shoes! They go great with your cute outfit.


  9. I am in LOVE with your sweatshirt, Sara - it is truly too adorable! :)

  10. Well, those jeans look great on you, so keep wearing them!

  11. I really enjoy your blog and style.
    New follower!

  12. I hope you had a good weekend..Brrr..chilly here. But no snow. You make that sweatshirt adorable.

  13. Love this! And the song of the day...i totally forgot about Rooney :) I need to get a sweatshirt like that only for the LIONS. I am not a hockey girl but totally love my football :)


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