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Xmas 035

For Christmas, Kyle wanted me to make him French toast. He bought a special bread that I think was cinnamon raisin, and I made French toast for the very first time.  I served it up with some yummy turkey bacon, and it was a delicious morning feast. 
What you'll need:
-4 eggs
-1 teaspoon sugar, optional
-Dash salt
-Dash of cinnamon 
-1 cup milk (I used Silk Vanilla)
-10 to 12 slices bread
-Butter for the pan
Mix eggs, milk & salt together in a bowl and add some cinnamon if you like it. When it's even, carefully dip the bread in the mixture, making sure to get both sides. Make sure you don't completely soak it or it will be soggy.  Cook until both sides are slightly brown & serve with syrup!

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I seriously didn't know how easy it was to make French toast. However, it's probably a good thing that I didn't make it until now because it is so delicious! Kyle and I have switched to a healthier diet now that the new year has started. We are cutting back on meats, as Kyle eats a lot of that at work, and I have never really been that big of a fan of it to begin with. My Dad would put ham in our mac & cheese because he had to have meat in every meal. That, plus five years at McDonald's has killed my taste for most meats, although I'll still eat it a few times a week. I have tried in the past to give up dairy, and I succeeded in switching to soy or almond milk, but nothing else. So far, vegan butter tastes the same, I don't mind soy yogurt, and I am testing out cheeses. I can't seem to give up eggs, so you'll see them on this blog. Lastly, we are trying gluten-free products. Since I have hypoglycemia, GF is good for a person like me. It is also supposed to help with digestive issues so we are trying it out. I am not one to waste, so I am using up the products I already have before trying new foods. You will see a lot of experimentation on this blog as far as food goes in the upcoming months, but I am sure to post recipes that can be easily substituted to use several different products.  

Here's to a new year of healthy eating :)

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15 Musings

  1. I've never made french toast either. That looks really good. I haven't had breakfast yet, I think I'm gonna go ahead and try your recipe. Have a yummy day!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys and your quest for healthier eats! French toast rocks...I need to make it more often.

  3. aww sara i want you to make me french toast! hahaha it looks so good!

  4. Mmmmmm, delicious! I am crazy for Silk soymilk too! :)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  5. Yummmm Sara!!!! Delicious....

  6. Cool French toast! Never thought of trying raisin bread. Great idea.

  7. Looks so good. I've tried a few GF stuff. I've tried vegan butter. Its really good.

  8. I may have to make this tomorrow!

  9. Gah! I LOVE French Toast. With fruit and whipped cream. Yum yum! :)

  10. Awesome post! I might have to try this.

  11. Yum! French toast is deceptively easy to make, deceptive because soon enough you'll find yourself making it all the time haha. My favorite variation if Nigella Lawson's donut french toast. The only big difference is you soak the bread in the batter for longer until it nearly falls apart and then after you fry it, you dip it in sugar like an old fashioned sugar encrusted donut.

  12. that's how I make it too but without raisins!! I do it on potato bread (did you? looks like it) because it's full of flavor!

    Mmmm!! I make French Toast more for dinner than I do for breakfast. hehe. Now I want to make some.

  13. Easy? Easy!? Remember that time I failed. Badly. Haha. I'm going to put this to the test. Surely I can not fail a second time :D Yours looks awesome.

  14. It's nine in the morning where I am and I haven't had breakfast. I'm literally drooling.


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