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I have mentioned before that Oak Park has a lot of little parks in it and a few Saturday's ago, Kyle and I stopped at our favorite one in our new city: Shepherd Park. Oak Park is right on the border of Ferndale where we both grew up, so it's no surprise that we both have been to this park a million times. Kyle always called it "Oak Park Park" and I always called it "The train park", on account of the giant trains and trucks that are available for kids to climb all over. Or for the local fashion blogger to stage a mini excursion with her significant other, in our case.

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As you all can tell by the photos, the park has not changed much, or at all since we were kids. The same giant tires are there, just with a fresh coat of bright paint every few years. There is also a giant hill in the park where we both went as kids to go sledding in the winter and I cannot wait to take my little brother Liam this year. I even have sleds stashed at my parents house from a few years ago because I could not fit them anywhere in our old apartment. The park also holds two baseball fields, a  tennis court and a nature walk, which will be great for more walks & photos come winter and spring.

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I know you are all probably so sick of hearing about school, but I am reading "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" and it is amazing. I am about half-way through and I am excited to rent the movie while on break. My paper on the other hand, well, it has become the bane of my existence, but I will prevail. 

In the meantime, Kyle and I have been cooking up all of the left-over turkey and putting up Christmas decorations! We are getting a real tree this year, and I am kind of freaked out about it. I did promise Kyle that we could get a real tree once we got a house so I have to live up to my word. I am making him keep our old one though for the basement, that thing is older than me! My parents had it back in the day when we lived in a trailer park, many moons ago. Well, here's to new and old traditions this year!

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Jacket, scarf, & skirt-Thrifted

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25 Musings

  1. You guys are so adorable! Gook luck with the new traditions!!

  2. Love that you did a post about this. What fun with a real tree, too!

  3. SHEPARDS PARK WAS THE PLACE TO BE WHEN I WAS A KID. I really hope the trains are there for another 20 years. They rule.

    I used to take Davey for walks over there when he was smaller.

    I like your skirt.

  4. I love trains. How adorable you guys are!

  5. This is such a fun post. Good luck with the tree!

  6. What great fall pictures! Hope you are having a good week.

  7. Blog yang sangat bagus kunjungan balik gan and follow balik,,,,,,,,,,,

    happy blogging gan

  8. So sweet. I love the plaid skirt.

  9. You guys crack me up. Here's hoping you get an awesome tree and have fun decorating it!

  10. that park is so awesome my nephew is obsessed with trains he'd love it. sweet dress

  11. Cool park. Terrific pictures -- very artistic. We love seeing how happy you and Kyle are together.

  12. What a fun post! :) love your loafers!

  13. Ohmigosh this park looks like such a blast! Super cute pictures, Sara! :)

  14. Ah I love this little shoot. You guys! Man I need to be there right now. Well actually, I was thinking of making a trip over there in August next year. For my 21st. I wanna go to HP world. You in? :)

    I've always wanted to read that book. I need a library card.

  15. great photos! how fun! love that scarf.

  16. I love the fact that you smile in all the photos! :)

  17. i wish they had that park in minneapolis! how fun! and that last picture of the two of you is adorable!

  18. I love how fashion blogging gives girls an excuse to "scout out" odd locations. I can see why you call this the train park because it was the first thing I noticed in these photos. You two look like you're having a lot of fun.

    I really need to see/read One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest!

  19. I love park pictures! The colors in the background are stunning. This time of year is perfect for taking pictures in the park. That's why Mr. A and I have done so many nature shoots recently.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. Wicked park! It's perfect for outfit shots and your photos are just as awesome. You look so grunge! I love it. <3

  21. this is a really cool park that's great for photos. i love that the train is set up right in the middle of everything.

    wonderful photos!

  22. Wow this park looks like fun - the photos of you two are so cute too :)

  23. I'm such a park junkie...both for me and my son and gosh, we would both jump for joy if we saw this one!! Those trains look like so much fun. Super cute photos of the both of you...really, quite the perfect location! Yay for real trees! Now that we have a house, we decided to get a real one too:)

  24. Parks take me back - such good memories. You guys are adorable, love that last photo of you too. That plaid skirt looks so comfy and the colors rock. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Zach wants a real tree too this year...YAY for christmas!


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