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Oh hey there fancy-pants. I wish I could dress like this everyday! Really, nothing says that I can't, as I sit here in my "Mr.Rogers" cardigan as it has been nick-named, not by me, but by Becky. I actually wore this to my cousins wedding last week and it is one of my favorite dresses now. Partially because I really like it, and partially because Kyle bought it for me as part of my birthday present. A pink dress and blue Converse, who knew? I thought nothing could top the Hamburger phone he bought me for our 10 year anniversary, but new Converse are pretty close.

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wedding 010

I actually got a lot grief from people at work for wearing a pink dress! Seriously, why do I even bother discussing my fashion choices with these people. I am constantly defending my black belt and brown shoes, my pattern-mixing and my multi-colored hair, gr! Seriously, I don't do that to them, even though I really want to. There is a guy that wears a fuchsia head scarf and really short cut-offs in the summer and I could say that he looks like one of the Village People, but I don't. 

Anywho, the wedding was really nice, and the food was great! My Grandma was pretty bummed about the music though, no Rick Astley, which, hello! Half the people in attendance have the last name Astley!! And the DJ had mostly new music, like Lady Gaga. So, I made note to include some oldies but goodies for my Grandma to jam out to at our wedding next year, she really does like to dance! I mean, Buddy Holly was already a given, but now I am going to include some Nina Simone and the like for her.

Currently I am at Caribou Coffee with Becky, what can I say? Creature of habit. I behaved myself and did some homework, and now we are on a mission for beer!

wedding 004

Coat-Christmas gift
Com-pleat attention dress-Modcloth
Steve Madden pumps-Amazon 

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26 Musings

  1. why did they give you grief for wearing a pink dress? what strange people. just say to them in a really posh voice "you dont know fashion" and look away haha, i say it to my mum whenever she comments on my clothes. you look really gorgeous anyway the dress is darling.

  2. I love that dress..but I know..what I really need is a coat like that.


  3. I love pink..personally. great outfit.

  4. Such a sweet outfit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow, great post. Sounds like its the start of a sweet weekend.

  6. I'm glad to hear you had fun at the wedding! You look great in this dress, you shouldn't listen to those haters at work! I also love the jacket <3
    Life is a romantic poem

  7. You look great! If my husband ever says something about a colour or a pattern, I just call him 'fashion backward' and we laugh it off :P try that with people who give you grief!

  8. Stunning dress. I first saw your picture on the modcloth style exchange and I was amazed! You look beautiful. I love the colour of the dress and the pleats. I adore your coat too.

  9. Hahaha, I want a photo of this village people-look-alike now! :D You look awesome in this dress - very wedding appropriate.

    Now what I wanna see is you rock the converse WITH the dress :p Love you x

  10. Love the vintagey dress. Definitely perfect for a wedding!
    No way, Kyle got you a hamburger phone?! I want one too lol. :D

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  11. Gah! Your hair looks so cute like that, Sara; and I LOVE this dress on you - it's so ethereal, dainty, and feminine. Gorg! :)

  12. Yay, Chucks! And the pink dress looks dreamy on you. Ignore idiots who presume to comment on your fashion-choices. Or, better yet, send 'em over here and I'll straighten 'em out...

  13. Pretty dress!

    My own family talks about the way I dress as if they didn't get it by now. I LIKE MY T-SHIRTS & PANTS, OKAY?

    Mr. Rogers cardigan? Sounds pretty badass.

  14. Ah, this is such a gorgeous dress ... I am a sucker for that pleating:) Why ever would you get grief about this at work? Sheesh...people are strange. The dark tights are the perfect contrast to the sweet! A dress with converse...haha...sounds like my husbands gifts:)

  15. Such a beautiful dress! It looks perfectly work appropriate to me!

  16. That is such a pretty dress why leave it hanging in your closet? I would wear it to work too.

  17. That is a beautiful dress, but more importantly you look ebullient in it! Kyle has good taste. (And I'm glad you finally got that hamburger phone. I remember you writing how Kyle refused to let you get one, tricky tricky or just smooth ;)

    I could go off on your coworkers for being sartorial imbeciles, but I think Meryl Streep said it best in her curilleon blue monologue in "The Devil Wears Prada."

  18. P.S. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like a great day. I'm always jonesing for Caribou so I'm jealous. What's your favorite drink there? I am partial to the hot apple blasts at this time of year (craving them more than usual right now because the UK doesn't have apple cider in a non-alcoholic form), but I'm equally enamored with their vanilla roobios tea lattes. They taste like melted soft serve, but hardly have any calories. They are kind of hidden on the menu and the one time I waxed adulation for them to my favorite barista, she admitted I'm one of the few who orders them. ha Sorry, this is some Caribou rant, but clearly I'm a bit homesick for the 'Bou.

    It's great you feel so at home at OU, it probably has something to do with your age though I must admit. You're 26 and therefore have a lot of the ambiguities of your 20s sorted out already. You have an amazing life partner, a quaint house, an adorable dog, good friends, etc., which are usually the things that are so up in the air that most seniors have a hard time really appreciating the benefits of college. I know that I'm so frazzled about the FUTURE that I sometimes have to consciously remind myself to enjoy Edinburgh NOW. One thing I could never find at Edinburgh though is gleeful discussions of fantasy literature. My English major friends here are such snobs that when I mentioned I knew a guy writing his thesis on HP, a classmate of mine replied "You can write on HP? I thought it had to be on literature." UGG

  19. The black and pink go so well together!!

  20. hahah aww you are so adorable and funny! "oh hey there fancy pants" :P. you do look rather ravishing! i love that color/dress on you! beautiful outfit love :)!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  21. You're so cute!!! I adore your dress :)

  22. This dress is lovely on you!! Love the jacket as well it's a great combo.

  23. I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding so much! yOu looked so lovely in this dress and I think that it stinks when weddings play awful music. ugh. Love the Mr. Rogers reference. I call my Rob "Mr. Rogers" because he has two of the same shoe in two different colors and he switches them when he comes home and they look almost exact to Mr. Rogers' pairs.

  24. I love this blush hue on you. It brings out the color in your cheeks! A hamburger phone? Yes, please!

  25. half of sara squaredNovember 8, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    I love your fashion choices! You wear things that I would NEVER wear myself but they look so perfect and right on you. There is nothing wrong with a pink dress or with anything you wear.

    Also, be warned, I'm slowly becoming addicted to your blog.


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