Paint Creek Trail

5:40 PM

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Saturday afternoon Kyle, Louie and I headed out to Northern Oakland County to check out the Paint Creek Trail. It was the first rail-trail in Michigan and is the right-of-way of the the former Michigan Central Railroad and Penn Central railroad lines. The trail is 8.9 miles long, but Kyle and I only managed about three because the Cider mill was close by and was closing at 5pm, derailed by cider and doughnuts! No cars are allowed on the trail, and there were runners, joggers and bikers galore! Kyle and I felt so out of shape just strolling along with our overgrown puppy. However it was really pretty, and you can bet we will be back again.

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This outfit is composed of some old favorites, and was a good idea in theory, not so much in action. I wanted to wear a cropped sweater with this dress and I did not have one so I folded this one under and secured it with a belt. However, the extra folds in addition to the ruffles on the top of the dress made me appear so poofy. Oh well, I still liked the colors and this sweater does not get enough love on the blog, although I wear it often enough at home.

There is still a ton of schoolwork on my plate this week but I am so looking forward to the weekend already! A movie, and spending time with friends, squeee! The plan is to go to one of our favorite places Luna, but somehow word got out that it was the least pretentious bar in Royal Oak and now there is always a line. The owners just opened another one up in Ferndale so we might check that one out or there is always karaoke. Hurry up weekend and get here already!

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Striped Sweater-Old Navy
Ruffled Dress-F21

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20 Musings

  1. This setting is so gorgeous. The woods in Michigan are so nice. Great use of pattern here. I adore stripes with florals.

  2. I want to run on these trails! So pretty...and who can pass up cider and doughnuts afterwards? I like how this outfit looks together...ohhh a crop shirt would look lovely with it as well.

    Hah i love how the patrolmen posed for a photo shot!

  3. What a great Autumn place to go! Love your necklace. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

    "Paint Creek" makes me think of "Paint Rock" TX...and there was a creek in the area where nomad tribes would paint on the rocks centuries ago.

  4. How pretty it is there. that's quite a cool trail! That stinks that it closed earlier so you couldn't make it all.

  5. So love both of your fall looks here. Great place for these pictures!

    Happy Homework time!

  6. This is so beautiful! Love your skirt!

  7. These pictures are gorgeous! I really like the striped sweater floral skirt look, I see the poof you are talking about but I still think it's pretty darn cute.

  8. must be a great day, sara :) you look so great, the skirt is just perfect on you. and your puppy is so cute <3

  9. Folding and securing with a belt!! I will have to try that out once. I just love all the patterns that you're wearing. Not very loud but, really pretty all together :D. That place is pretty! I'd go back there weekly if I could :D

  10. beautifull pictureS! the scenery is amazing!!!

  11. Love the background! And you look very pretty - I love the dress as a skirt :)

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  13. Ohmigosh Sara this location is so incredibly pretty! That little barn is just the cutest! :)

  14. i've been meaning to try a sweater over a dress for a while now. you look so cute...although i have to say that your pictures on the edge of that bridge made me a little anxious!

  15. Wow! that is a beautiful setting. i'm sure it's really quiet and nice out there.

    i really like your dress and your boots!


  16. Love all these pictures, they just scream "Fall" to me. And your dog is too cute!

    xo, alison*elle

  17. I love your outfit, especially your boots which look perfect for the winter! These photos are wonderful though, I love how autumnal they look :) Great post as usual! :D

  18. That skirt looks perfect for twirling!


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