Autumn Calling

2:25 PM

indoor 008
indoor 014

This is probably the last time you guys will see my bare legs for awhile! It went from the mid-seventies earlier in the week, to low sixties & high-winds. I can't complain though, I live for the cooler weather. As it is I am currently wrapped up in my snuggie, sipping hot coffee with all of the curtains open and enjoying the sunshine.  I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday cleaning the house and I finally made it to the grocery store. I feel so much better when things like that are taken care of. Now I can just focus on my homework and work for the next few days. As well as all the soup I am going to consume because this weather is perfect for soup! I love autumn so much.

This is the new place for me to take indoor photos when the weather is bad., our guest room! I actually took these ones myself, and I like them a lot for once. I think I might try venturing around outdoors a little with the tri-pod for outfit photos in the upcoming weeks, I am just really partial to Kyle taking them, hehe. Everyone is exploring burnt oranges, mustards, and rusty browns for fall in their wardrobes  and I am drooling with envy! I did get a new dress for a wedding I attended, which will be posted soon, but for now I am loving browns and blues for fall. This outfit is one of my new faves, I just loved how cozy it was! I think I will be living in girly skirts, light sweaters and scarves for awhile.

indoor 010
indoor 009indoor 012
indoor 015

Sweater-American Eagle 
Scarf, belt & Skirt-Thrifted
Owl tote-Gift from Mariah

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28 Musings

  1. This scarf is so autumnal and pretty! :) I also ADORE your tote! :D

  2. Autumny scarf. It's odd to see you indoors; most of your outfit-posts are outdoors (something I'm always jealous about). It's nice to see parts of your new home.

  3. oh, what a beautiful guess room, sara :) can't wait to read your newest post, i'm so happy for you. and as always, u look great. your owl bag just soooo cute <3
    have a great day! :)

  4. such a cute little owl bag


  5. How sweet. Love the guestroom!

  6. Brilliant Owl bag! Love this room.

  7. love this look! I follow u!
    pass to mine and follow me back :)

  8. What a wonderful room! Great outfit too.

  9. Love your scarf! I wish I can wear tights right now, but it's still so hot. Ugh.

  10. I am living vicariously through you today. I wanted to wear something similar while running errands today, and it's stupidly hot. 100 in mid-October. Really? ARGH!

  11. Great scarf and that bag is so whimsical! Love it!

    Goodwill Huntingg

    gotta love them. :D


  13. Oh my gosh I love your outfit so much! You look amazing. and how adorable is your guest bedroom! I can't wait until josh and I get our own place (which might be very soon!)

    I'm loving burnt oranges, mustard, and reds this autumn too! BUT the only thing that I own that is burnt orange is a top, a mustard scarf, and a red skirt! haha.

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  14. The way you've worn your scarf is great. I need to clear out stuff from our guest room before I can shoot in it

  15. Such a great look. Amazing bag. Oh, I wish we had a guestroom like this.

  16. I just bought a few skirts myself and yes I do think I'll be living in them for a while. Our weather is getting cooler too, although I just hope all the rain stops! I love your scarf and that bag! :D I wish I could take shots by myself as well, I don't have a tripod, I think I should get one and try. The ones you too are really nice and well lighted too! :D

  17. Hi, lovely. I would like to own your scarf. But if you insist on keeping it, at least you wear it well. (: It has been 50 at the highest here and bare legs went out a long time ago, haha.

  18. Yay for scarf season! :D I live for cold weather as well. I just totally love dressing for the cold weather.

    I agree with you. I love mixing browns with blues too.

    CUTE owl bag!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  19. that so right no more bare legs lol i love your dress so cute and your owl bag =]

  20. Gah! Your owl tote is basically the most stellar accessory for fall, Sara - I want! :)

  21. The print on that skirt is amazing. And I love the color of your scarf!

  22. I love your owl tote of course!

    That dresser is wonderful too. I love how it's the color of butterscotch.

  23. Just read your happy birthday to Kyle post. It was very sweet, but I also appreciated how realistic you were in writing it too. I feel like a lot fashion bloggers act like everything is perfect and lovey dovey in their relationships. They annoyingly refer to their men as "the boy" and the "boy" always seems to LOVE taking outfit photos and listening to She & Him haha, sometimes I cannot help but roll my eyes. Thank you for being honest that you two have the occasional fight and have learned the value of compromise. Despite the travails in every relationship, what you guys have sounds like it works really well. Love is not about cutesy photoshoots by the seashore, but the little things like Kyle bringing you coffee nightly. That's dedication and truly doing something for someone else. I hope to have what you two have one day. You've clearly grown up together and helped each other out along the way, but are also your own people. You two are an inspiration and this post made me smile.

  24. Sorry to barrage you with comments, but I am evidently way behind on your wonderful blog. Shame on me!

    I loved the apple orchard post. I wish I could go to one in the UK, but given that I can't find proper apple cider here, I will just have to live vicariously through your photos, especially the one of that donut. haha

    My parents tried to go to my favorite Minnesota orchard and said the line for food was nearly 30 minutes! Guess everyone is jonesing for fall right now.

    And last belated comment, I love your gingham dress a few posts back. I am obsessed with gingham in all forms, it's the Midwesterner in me.

  25. Olá,vim conhecer seu cantinho e já estou super seguindo!
    Parabens e sucesso!

    Se quiser me fazer uma visitinha,será muito bem vinda e se quiser seguir,também!

  26. I once did something in the spot you're standing in. I won't say what that is; I'll just say I did the same thing last winter next to the litter box.

  27. Such a cute bag!! Being an obsessor of owls, I am totally jealous of it right now..hehe. Gorgeous fall scarf as well...loving the contrast against the deep dark blue of your outfit. Cleaning the house is a huge's amazing how good I feel after I do an overhaul on mine:) Have a great week!!

  28. Love the scarf and bag, darling! You look fabulous!


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