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12:24 AM

Hi!  I'm Ralph from Shybiker.  Sara is graciously letting me guest-blog for her.  You probably won't confuse us -- she's much shorter.  :)

One of the things I like about fashion-blogging is the width of our community.  You can find bloggers on the East Coast, the West Coast, down South... even in the Mitten!  I never knew anyone in Michigan before discovering Sara's blog.  Now, reading about Sara's life, I have a sense of where she lives -- its cool places, how people dress, the climate, and which movies and music people there like.

I also read fashion-blogs by people in Canada, Europe, Australia, even Africa!  That is so cool.  Bloggers in the Southern Hemisphere are looking forward to Spring as we head into Fall; their seasons are the reverse of ours.  It's disconcerting to hear them moan about the cold when we're wearing sundresses.

The only place I haven't find a blogger is the Artic.  That's probably because they wear big ugly coats all the time and don't have a Forever 21, Topshop or H&M...

Do you know bloggers from other parts of the world?  Have they taught you anything about their homelands?

Despite our different locations, we share a surprising amount.  We all love pretty dresses and chic shoes.  Many of us mix patterns and like colored-tights.  Everyone thinks a belt helps define a waist.  The guidelines for fashion and female beauty are quite uniform.  I find that interesting.  It's probably what makes chatting with foreign bloggers so easy.

I live in New York, where people usually make an effort to look good.  They'll buy nice stuff, endure physical discomfort, and put a high value on appearance.  That's the culture here.  I've heard, in some other places, people dress like slobs and don't care about fashion.  I wouldn't want to live there.

What's it like where you live?

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  1. nice post ......

  2. I think that's one of the coolest things about blogging. Getting to know people from other parts of the world that have a similar style as you or even make you expand your normal style choices.
    I live in California in the suburbs, and it's pretty casual. So sometimes, I'll be the one that's most dressed up.

  3. Similarities and cultural differences of bloggers from different countries always fascinate me! My american male colleagues were saying that women in Greece are very stylish and fashion advanced! I thought that's a serious compliment coming from men! They were also fascinated by the amount of shoe-stores in Athens! Kisses to both of you!

  4. It's hot most of the year....I don't know how to describe the fashion here. Ranges from Westren to Tex-Mex Ghetto...

  5. So love that dress!

    I live in the heartland of the states. We usually wear to what can endure the elements, mostly. This might include crocks and pajamma pants..too..and sporting the latest HUSKER Tee.

    We've had muggy heat and lots of flooding. Fashion really isn't on our mind..and yet Lady gaga's beau is from here, and she's been hiding out in our neck of the woods, making mysterious videos.

  6. I live in N. NJ right outside of NYC. Funny thing is that most of the people I know in this area dress like slobs haha. Whenever I go to the mall or in public places, I see some horrid fashion. My husband has seen people take photos of me with their camera phones since I guess they aren't used to seeing people dress nicely? Interesting. I tend to always see girls wearing sweats and guys seem to dress nicer than the women.

  7. Thanks, ellie. The dress is by Jessica Simpson and is my favorite. Her clothing-line is growing dramatically and is expected to gross over $1 Billion dollars this year!

  8. well...since I live about 20 minutes from where you do...I think you know
    <3, A Roosevelt Field Mallrat

  9. I absolutely agree with you, Sara.
    Now, you know me from the south of Spain.

  10. Such a fun post. I love learning other people's culture and style through blogging.

  11. I'm a Florida girl so a lot of fashion has to be tanks and sundresses unless you want to run from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned building! But when I was out at an outdoor mall the other evening, I saw a lot of girls dressed in unique and fashionable outfits, despite the heat! It made me wonder if they were bloggers...

  12. Oh, I love the houndstooth dress on your "guest poster"!

  13. "She's much shorter" - oh, you always crack me up!!!

    All I can say about Georgia right now is it's FREAKIN' HOT. :P


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