Seriously Shaggy

8:41 PM

Sooo, Monday night was pretty interesting. As you all know, it has been hot and humid in the Mitten-State and Kyle has been sporting the shaggy look for awhile. Well as you can only imagine, shaggy hair and heat do not mix very well at all and Kyle has been wanting a haircut very badly. Instead of just going to a barber or a salon like a normal human being, Kyle insisted that I cut his hair. I attempted to cut his hair before but I ended up making it very uneven and there were even spots where it looked like he was bald. Not good.

hair&chickensqechttei 002
hair&chickensqechttei 003

As you can see, he was not happy with that mop on his head and even though I was pretty nervous about using those clippers, I caved. I decided that I would first go online and look for a decent short haircut for a guy. You see, I am a HUGE fan of the long hair. I don't understand why guys just don't embrace it, but I guess it has something to do with it being in your face and bothersome (hello ponytail) but, I digress. Of course while researching hot short-haired guys, Rivers Cuomo popped into my head. If you are a new reader, I shall have to explain that my favorite band is Weezer and I am in love with Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer.

So what do I do? I Google "Rivers Cuomo Hair" and of course this is what shows up. No, not a decent picture of him with his nice short locks but THIS:


Completely not fair. I mean, Rivers is my biggest celebrity crush and he has to go around having pictures taken of him with long hair and eyes that look like they can reach into your soul? So of course I showed this to Kyle, who by the way did not have the same eye-soul reaction that I did, and he just said "No". So, after much more research and Rivers ogling, I came across one that Kyle actually liked.


Much more on Kyle's page. After the imagery was finalized, I made Kyle plop down in the middle of the kitchen and I starting clipping his long hair. It was quite sad at first, but Kyle was already starting to feel better so I sucked it up and kept cutting. I managed to cut about 98% of his hair with just the scissors and not the clippers! I even trimmed his sideburns-which Kyle was freakishly nervous about-with scissors and the clippers.

hair&chickensqechttei 012
hair&chickensqechttei 010
hair&chickensqechttei 009
hair&chickensqechttei 004

Look at that mess! He also looks like a creeper with that goatee so I told him to go shower off so we could work on the finishing touches. Thankfully he decided to shave his facial hair, which made everything easier when I went back for some final trimming. I think in the end, it came out a little shorter than I had hoped but I think that he results were pretty good! Especially since I had no idea what I was doing. 

hair&chickensqechttei 014
hair&chickensqechttei 013


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19 Musings

  1. Your boytoy is adorable. The hair cut looks good! But tell him to grow the sideburns back out!
    Mmmmm... sideburns....

  2. Nice! I'm glad you kept on cutting after he washed his hair. Back in my beauty school days, mens' haircuts were the hardest! (We didn't have a ton of male clients) But after I graduated and got some more experience, mens' cuts ended up being the easiest. It also helps that men are usually not picky about their hair (USUALLY).

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  4. OMG you did a way better job than I did on Zach's hair! I can't believe you used scissors for most of it....I just relied on the clippers but ended up reallllly making his hair short when I tried using the clippers around his ears. He looks good! Great Job! Just think of all the money you could save over the years if you keep doing this. cha-ching! :)

  5. YOU DID THAT! should really be a stylist. How cool! Oh, I do like Rivers hair..btw, too.

  6. What a fantastic haircut! & Kyle has such an expressive face!

  7. This is so cool! I think Kyle looks happier too.

  8. I prefer long hair on men, too. But everyone's entitled to wear what they want. You did a good job for an amateur-barber. Maybe you should put a white-and-red barber pole outside your house.

  9. haha great job sara! nomore shaggy hair

  10. You did a great job! Wish you could cut my hair, but until then, I will just keep doing it myself.

  11. Well, you are a natural! You did a good job. I tried once to cut Moreno's hair and when I finished he looked like a monk -_- poor Moreno. Eventually, luckily, his hair grew ;D

  12. You are quite the skilled hairstylist, Sara! Loving the new locks! :)

  13. You did a great job! I can't believe you googled pics of short boy hair, you are too sweet. I would have just told him to go to the barber.
    PS-I don't know if you do twitter (I'm not so good at it) but I posted some pics from a Weezer/Flaming Lips show the other night.

  14. I adore longer hair on my husband but he always shaves it (he did so recently again). ugh. He likes shaving his head and I like playing with his hair. So strange to see Rivers Cuomo with long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. wow. I never saw that.

  15. You did such a good job!! :D I'd be so scared to cut a guy's hair. Girls I can handle, because if you screw up on a long hair-do, there's a chance to fix it again. But I'd be a wreck trying to handle a super-short style!


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