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Hi there! My name is Tieka and I'm from the blog, Selective Potential. When Sara asked a few of us to guest blog for her because she was heading to the upper peninsula, I was so excited! I thought it would be super fun to round up a few of my favorite outfits from my trip to the U.P. last summer! My husband and I love to travel around the state and document our adventures. Our last year trip was definitely my favorite in Michigan so far!

We spent our anniversary weekend touring the hot spots of the upper peninsula. Our first day was spent at Tahquamenon Falls. We toured the upper and lower falls; it was amazing. It's definitely worth it to rent a rowboat and head down to the lower falls and walk around in the water. The U.P. is unlike any other place I've ever been. It's truly an experience.

We also drove a really long way to an abandoned lighthouse, Crisp Point. One of the most endangered lighthouses in the United States. It was so wonderful. We roadtripped all along the coast of Lake Superior - even stopping to hang out with baby bears at a Bear Ranch! We spent the majority of our trip at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It was unbelievable - living in Michigan my whole life - I never knew this place was so magical.

Hidden waterfalls, the bluest water I've ever seen, trails, cliffs... insane! We explored as much as we could - also taking a boat around the coast and taking a shipwreck tour! We ended our trip with a little visit to Marquette, Michigan! We stopped and checked out some of the Black Rocks and ate dinner in their so-cute downtown area. If you ever have the chance, I'd definitely recommend a trip to the upper peninsula! I can't wait to read about Sara's adventures there!

Be sure to say hi over at my blog, Selective Potential! Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. This looks so beautiful! I had no idea Pennsylvania was so scenic!

  2. It's not (at least not the scenic you're thinking after seeing these pictures)--that's Michigan!

  3. lovely pictures ... wow looks so cute in first picture .....

  4. lovely post, lovely photos, lovely blog!! :-)

  5. Great post. Nice pictures and that blue polka-dot top is adorable.

    I visited the U.P. by motorcycle and had a really nice time, too.

  6. These pictures are so cute, I love all the outfits :) x


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