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I have soooo many  photos to share from our trip this past weekend that it is insane! However, I am super busy today (second summer class already?!!) So here are a few randoms that I really love. I will try very hard not to bombard you guys with so many photos in the next few posts but we had such an amazing time and we still didn't do everything we wanted (that is usually the way it goes right?).
Point Pelee 005

Haha, waiting to cross the bridge on a Friday night, a little crazy! Right now the entrance to the bridge is a mess on the Detroit side. There have been plans to build a second bridge for a few years now from Detroit to Canada, and it has been a battle because the bridge owner, Manuel Moroun, holds the monopoly of commercial  truck  traffic. The Ambassador Bridge can be pretty picturesque, just not when you are holding your camera outside of the car window while someone is driving. I love driving across it because it is such a short distance between two countries. You can clearly see both Detroit and Windsor at the same time, split between the Detroit river. There is also a tunnel, but who wants to take the tunnel?

Point Pelee 004
Point Pelee 001

We stayed in a the Sturgeon Campground in Leamington, Ontario and I did not take any pics of the campground, fail! I actually wish that I took more of Leamington but we barely spent anytime downtown. I did take a few pics of somethings that I thought were pretty cool though. There is a giant Heinz factory right before downtown and I kid you not, it smells like ketchup. It was windy on Friday and as we drove past Kyle and I both just looked at each other and wrinkled our noses, ew! I am more of a mustard girl myself, but getting a big whiff of ketchup was pretty funny .

Point Pelee 147

I really liked this little cafe/dinner/convenience store called Blondie's that we stopped at. The employees were really nice and it was full of these little old men sitting around eating and reading newspapers. Naturally Kyle and I fight right in hehe. They had this giant train set hung up on the ceiling that ran throughout the entire store. I know that if I lived in Leamington I would be at this place all the time. I am not sure if it is a Michigan thing, or just a Sara thing, but I absolutely love dinners. Seriously, you can always count on them to have the same basic things and delicious coffee.

Point Pelee 013
Point Pelee 012
Point Pelee 010

We also ate this awesome place"Paula's fish fry" that was located right outside of the campground. The place looked like it had been decorated in the 90's and then never updated since, I loved it! The waitress basically just sat and chatted with us the whole time because we were the only ones in there (it was really late). We shared yellow perch, sweet potato fries, corn, rolls, and rice. We also tried this tasty beer Rickards because Kyle and I are all about the beer and the coffee hehe. I really liked it, but I tend to like most beer. Except when fruit is added, that is just weird.

Point Pelee 006
Point Pelee 008
Point Pelee 007

Alright I promise to have a better post tomorrow but now I gotta go scrounge up some food for dinner and get started on my homework.


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  1. This is making me miss Rickard's Red so insanely much!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. That little eatery sounds delicious and perfectly quaint and charming. Looks like an amazing time. I've always wanted to go. Lovely photos!

  3. Sweet times! Hey, at least you can get across the bridge..the Morman bridge here is closed..due to flooding on the Missouri..and it one of our bridges that you don't have to pay a toll on.

    Sounds like you guys had some great times.

  4. Wow, that was short trip. Good luck with the classes. I just made my first blackberry/raspberry pie. Someone thankfully, gave me some from their back yard.

  5. Such interesting pics you guys tool. Love that first one of the 2 of you!

  6. Man, I have wanted to go camping for such a long time! These photos are all so sweet. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Also, you should send me the links to the poems you posted on your blog - I'd love to read them! :)

  7. What a fun travel-post! The ketchup thing is cool. I went to Hershey, PA when I was a kid and the entire town smelled like chocolate. :)

  8. Lovely! You're both so adorable! Keep the pics coming! :)

  9. I so love the train on the ceiling - too cute! :)

  10. I've never been to Canada but have always wanted to visit. These are great photos! I love the train on the ceiling. I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

  11. These pictures are SO amazing. I really wish that I had the means to travel more. I am always jealous of people who have awesome adventures. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I actually just saw this bridge for the first time on a recent trip to Detroit. I was amazed....Really. I haven't been to Canada since I was three and the thought of just driving over the bridge to that casino on the other side was very tempting. Only of I had my passport on me! Looks like the trip was fun! It makes me want to go even more :-) xx

  13. Never been to Canada so this def works for me. Will come back for your next post

  14. I absolutely love pictures so keep them coming! :)

    It looks fun! I'm so happy you had time to relax. You definitely deserve it from all those studying!

    xoxo, Bree

  15. I've never been to Canada! I love a good road trip - this sounds like fun!


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