Study Break

8:41 AM

There are ups, and there are downs. Wednesday was a pretty nice up since everyone at our work got incentive comp checks! I am not going to brag too much, but it was almost like having two checks this week. I sat around thinking of what to do with it, put it in the savings, buy a new mattress, pay off some bills....whatever! We also were told that the whole company is going to be put under evaluation, and therefore, an estimate is going to be done on salaries, which hopefully means that we will all get raises (finally!) It probably wont even happen until next year but it is good to know that something is going to happen, and, next year is coming pretty close!

Then I learned yesterday morning that the sellers did not accept our offer on the house. They didn't even make a counter-offer! Kyle and I talked about it, over the past eight months we have looked at over 40 houses, and put offers on four. We have spend countless hours online looking at houses, driving past them to get a better idea, and then we found a great one, but no, they don't accept our offer. We decided to just pay the asking price, but then we got a call from our lender, and we no longer qualify for our loan because the terms changed over the past two weeks. Our credit scores are too low. So now we can't get that house or any house. I cried about six times today because I wanted that house so bad, and then everything came at me at once: Why didn't I do better in high school and qualify for scholarships? Then I wouldn't have charged three plus years of school on my credit cards when I was at community college. I have knocked some of my debt down and I have not used my credit cards in over a year, but now I have all of Oakland to pay off when I graduate. Our Realtor is going to contact another company for us to see if we can get a loan through them, either that or we wait two months to see if our credit scores go up, we are only a few points away. I am hoping if we have to wait two months, that the house won't sell, but I doubt it. All I can do is wait and see, and that really sucks. 

I know that today will be better, for one, it's Friday and I am only working a half-day. Two, my friend Suzzie is staying over tonight and we are going to have a study party, chez-moi. Three, I am babysitting Trip again so I get to squeeze another puppy! And Four, Halloween is this weekend! I tried to look for an outfit today at Forever 21, but I am not sure on what to wear still. I did get a Weezer T-shirt from Hot topic! (yay birthday money!)

Shirt-Gift from Lauren
Skirt-Lauren via Here to There
Belt & Scarf-Target
Shoes-Second Skin's Etsy

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20 Musings

  1. Sorry 'bout the house, buddy. Something will work out.

    Happy to hear about the extra-pay. You can always find a use for that.

    The outfit is cute: nice colors.

    Enjoy Halloween; use it to pick up your mood. Maybe you could make a simple costume and be a Chilean miner?

  2. Sorry to hear about the house and everything! I've been wanting to buy a house for a while now, and I was very close to having a pretty hefty down payment built up in my savings, but then I quit working, DIDN'T quit shopping, and I have absolutely nothing anymore. I can sit here and think, "WHAT IF I wouldn't have spent that money...?" but when it comes down to it, I DID spend that money, and there's nothing I can do about it. So the only thing to do is look ahead! It's really hard not to dwell on things sometimes, but being positive is so much more healthy. Something WILL work out for you, I have no doubt about it!

    Your outfit is very upbeat, and I'm jealous you've still got all the lovely fall colors there, when we've just got dead looking trees and snow.

    Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

  3. Aw Sar, so sorry to hear about the house. But don't worry - you guys are too nicer people to not have karma swing your way soon. You are looking fab lately - loving the layered outfits I'm seeing again! Yay for cooler weather. And birthday money. And halloween. Woo! Glad to see you're looking on the brightside of things... and a raise! Oh my! Sometimes it's good to cry. And situations like this make us stronger. Still, lots of virtual hugs coming your way from me xoxoxo

  4. Gah! I'm so sorry to hear about the house, Sara; but I am keeping my fingers crossesd that you find something soon. On the bright side, your weekend plans sound phenom!! :)

  5. oh gosh, i can only imagine how frustrating your house hunt has been. i'm in a less-than-desirable financial situation myself & every now and i can't help but wonder why i made such idiotic choices in the past. and then finally the mood passes and i go back to focusing on the future and getting myself into a better situation. it's a tedious process, but with time & effort it can get better.

  6. So sorry about the house. You look adorable though. Cool skirt. Oh..a new bed. That's what I want!

  7. SAD FACE!
    Buying a house is so damn stressful.
    So sorry you're having hard times...

    Your outfit is really cuuuute! I love the colors. :)

    Have fun on Halloween! :)

  8. Aw, I'm sorry about the house situation! That is so frustrating! I hope that the house doesn't sell or that you get the loan through the other company!

    It's great that you're trying to stay positive, though! Enjoy your study-date and that extra pup!!

  9. What a sweet outfit.

    So sorry about the house. I hope you find the right house..some day..soon.

    Cool boots too! Love your autumn look. Happy Halloween all weekend long!!!

  10. That's disappointing about the house. Hopefully you'll still be able to get it. I wish I could go back and change some of my financial messes, but it's best to learn from them.

    Have a great Halloween. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  11. Sorry to hear about the house, just know that something better will come... 'Good things come to those who wait."
    Your outfit looks great! I love all the colors. Hope you have a great weekend =)

  12. Good luck with the house Sara. Just know that its not the end of the world if you don't get it and the majority of people in the world could only dream of owning there own home, so you are lucky knowing that one day you will, whether its now or later.

    p.s. i love those shoes.


  13. I love your skirt, so colorful for fall!

    I'm so sorry about the house, I hope some loan works out.

  14. Looooooove it:))))))))


  15. woow, you look so pretty and i love the phot of the leaves.. :)

  16. Yay for extra checks. It always feels good, right? The cheerful yellow print looks so right against the leaves.

  17. Sorry about the house! Hope you get the loan.
    I really love your outfit! Matching patterns is always so great :)

  18. sorry about the house maybe next time but i really like your outfit soo cute i like the skirt soo nice =]

  19. as you know, sorry baby! hugs!!

    but at least you look adorable, I hope you don't steal that, it looks so good on you!

  20. awww sorry about the house :( it must be so frustrating :(

    but on a positive note, you look freakin' adorable in that outfit! :D x


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