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Well look who decided to do a Friday Night Feature! Indeed, and I have a treat for you lovelies. Meet Lauren of Sparrow and Urchin, fellow fashion blogger, my neighbor and friend. Most of you readers know that she has a fashion blog, and comes up with creative and adorable outfits and pictures that she posts regularly. You have seen her mentioned on this blog, along with a few photos, but did you know that she was an amazing artist? It is true my friends, and she was kind enough to share some of her work and answer a few questions for me tonight. So without further ado, Lauren!

Being fully aware that you draw and paint, do you have a preference? And have you tried any other forms of art?
I guess drawing is my preference and oil painting. I painted in acrylics and on the computer but I like the real thing. While at school I took a lot of different classes, screen printing, glass blowing, wheel throwing, all which I love but as a side project to painting. They were good exercises to expand my abilities which in turn helped me with my illustrations. There is also of course sewing, I've been sewing since I can remember and have also incorporated in into some of my paintings. There are a few that I did embroidery right onto a painted canvas, and I'd like to explore that again in the future

Do you have a favorite piece that you have done/and why is it your favorite?
I think my favorite would have to be Snake Scarf, because it really was one of the first paintings I did where everything clicked, it just worked. I had found my voice. And others heard it. It was the painting that got me into the Society of Illustrators, and for that I love it.

What inspires you?
Everything? I don't know, I find inspiration in Animals, other artists, history, movies. Just really anything. As Da Vinci said, if you need inspiration, just look at a crack in the wall, you'll be able to create worlds with the lines created by that crack.
If you could classify your art as a "type", what would it be?Well it definitely is illustrative, but within that grouping I guess would be considered lowbrow or somewhat pop art. I've shown in galleries that are in the magazines Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose, so I guess that type of art.

If you could paint/draw anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It would be everywhere. I never want to stop moving. But I would love to be back in Brazil or Japan. And of course I'd love to go see the artists I love in Europe.

Are there any famous (or local) artists that you admire?
Famous would be Waterhouse, NC Wyeth, Leyendecker, Rose O-neill, Tadema, and Mucha; all dead. Living would be Andrew Hem, Edward Kinsella, Sterling Hundley, Miss Van... oh sooo many. And local would be Glen Barr, Leyland Devito, Nancy Dendy, gosh all my CCS buddies
Do you do anything special to get into the mindset when you create art, or do you work as it comes natural?
I have to sit my butt down and force myself to draw, once I get to around three sketches it starts flowing. But art as a profession is really tough, you have to work hard to produce something.

Is there anything you are currently working on?
I have a two person show in September that I'm redoing some older paintings for and also new ones. I'm also going to do a limited screen print run as well. I have a lot to do!

Having a fashion blog and an art website that show of both of your many talents, can readers look forward to you incorporating more of your work into your blog?
I'd like to incorporate some art but I also have had an art blog for much longer and would like to keep that blog. So my fashion blog will still be more just my daily life with a little art in between, but my art blog will strictly be art.

Finally, what do you hope to accomplish as an artist? (Your biggest goal :D)
I have no clue. I want to be proud of what I've created. I also plan on attending grad school for art history/library of science to pursue a career in art conservation/ restoration and art curating. I'm both right and left brained so just art wouldn't fullfill my need for school and research. With that degree not only will I learn so much about the art I admire it will help me grow as a painter as well. And I will be able to make an important mark in our society, protecting the arts and promoting them.

I think with both of my loves together I will become the best artist/curator I can become.

I want to give a special thanks to Lauren for taking the time to answer these questions, and right now she has a pretty awesome giveaway going on at her blog at the moment. You can enter for a chance to win some beautiful prints of a few of her pieces of work, so head over there now and check it out! :D

For more info on Lauren's art, please visit: LaurenMoyer.com

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  1. I just found her blog & I love it! But I had no idea she was such a talented artist, her paintings are so whimsical and fairy tale esque! I particularly love that bear one! thanks for sharing, Sara

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  6. Love this interview! And her artwork is beautiful!!!

    PS the post below, saw the first picture as I was clicking to comment. SO thought you were Zooey Deschanel for a split second!

  7. Awesome! I loved reading more about what she likes/inspires her! I love the bear painting and Snake Scarf!!

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