Chocolate In The Morning

10:58 AM

If I wasn't already curvy, this outfit makes me even more so. I am not complaining, but I do feel really outside of my element here. I did not wear the heels to work, I wore flats :) But more importantly, how awesome is this case/box thing? Mariah bought two at a store for really cheap a long time ago, then realized she didn't want this and gave it to me. It is so cool! I figured since I was lacking color in this look that I had to somehow incorporate this black & white box. I really wanted to take some pics by the train tracks, but we are always on a time crunch and we had to still walk Louie. 

At least my bruises are fading. Now it just looks like a don't bath instead of looking like an abuse victim. Poor Kyle kept getting dirty looks from everyone. Of course I took these right after I ate a giant dinner, so I had food-baby going on as well, but I think they came out okay. The highlight of the evening is that I rediscovered my Cyndy Lauper record that Kyle bought for me last time we were at the salvation army. He came home and said "Who the hell is this? It sounds like f*cking Cyndy Lauper!" At which point I started cracking up at his bewilderment.

The last two are a little deer in the headlights, but Kyle liked them so I suppose they can stay....Anywho, hows about a poem guys? It's been awhile :)

Chocolate in the morning
By Sara Astley

Grey haze of awareness-so early it's a secret. 
I hush down the hallway into
an ebony-inspired domain-too black 
for a reflection.
               Long lines and sighs clothe my mind and my awakened 
eyes are thrilled
               by the fuzzy-conscious shadows shaped around my feet. 
               Interrupted by my own movements, when
               Hazelnut is calling.
Hard-fake wood
never felt so good, bracing my back so early.
A glimpse of star-spangled mish-
mash upon my
Moon-caked lids, are reflections of small-times
of uninterrupted purity.

I think this is the only one that I really like :P

Pajama romper (worn as a top),necklace, headband, belt & skirt-F21

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30 Musings

  1. You're so beautiful. And I LOVE this outfit, you're amazing! :-*

  2. You look stunning in all these photographs, you are one pretty girl! I love the top, the lace is perfect and the shape the skirt gives you is amazing. Top notch outfit!!

  3. oh you're quite the critic of yourself in this post. first off, love the outfit! it looks classic, feminine, but with a little bit of fabulous goth edge. Your hair looks amazing in it!

    Love the mooncacked lids line of that poem, and I love a lot of your poems with their subtle observations, you're very talented, Sara, don't doubt it!

    ps I feel like a million years ago you tweeted me about whether or not I listened to the Black Keys? Well, at the time, I didn't, but a friend just burned me their latest CD and I love it! So yes, I do, thanks for the recommendations.

  4. Looking Gorgeous!
    This is probably one of my favorite outfits of your's, I just love everything about it. Oh, and I have that same belt from Forever21, it's one of my favorites!

    I can't believe that your top is actually a pajama romper: I would have never known!

  5. thanks for your comment. I totally agree of course. Even when I am only out of the house for just 3 hours on fridays when I go into work for my internship I feel like I enjoy my time off more later. I feel like I've done something so I'm justified to watch True Blood or go to Dairy Queen. Whereas when I'm just at home all freakin day long (where my only job is to walk the dog) I cannot seem to enjoy my leisure time because I feel as if I should be doing something constructive, but there's hardly anything constructive to do. Instead I try and use my friends as a way to fill up time, which is what they're good for sometimes yes, but it also puts a little too much pressure on my friends to fulfill my boredom and needs (I'm actually having this realization right as I write this, my inevitable conclusion I need a real job that keeps me busy, but its a little late in the summer to get one haha, hopefully the boutique job busys up and hope I learn how to fold things in tissue paper better haha)

    oh and as for the reason you're self critical here, HAHA, yes kind of TMI, but seriously, I've never understood why women are so closeted on that particular topic. I mean, we all go through it, its not embarrassing haha

  6. I really like your top and necklace! So vintage looking! And wowww you met One Eskim0... and got a picture with the whole band! That is super cool, and the lead singer look as good in there as in his professional photos that's a bonus :D lol I'm so jealous right now hahahaha thanks for sharing the post with me!!

  7. you look purty! I love the top!

  8. Very elegant and sexy look. Nice! <3

  9. Woo, look at you!! You look lovely! I love your skirt & necklace! So so pretty!

    Oh, and haha about the bruises! Because I'm so pale, my bruises show up soooo easily! I constantly have bruises from Sabin or my clumsiness!

  10. you look absolutelyyyyyyyy amazing! love the pajama top! ;)

  11. hi sara nice pics
    hey sara i have a question for you did you met any accident before

    how come that mark happen on your left leg above knee ?

  12. I loved the description about the "lids" in the poem.

    hahaaha..about Cyndy. I do like a lot of her old stuff, too...probably more so that Madonna..if I must confess.

  13. Gorgeouss. You know, that whole deer in headlights look, totally works for you. ;)
    As for the bruises, I didn't find them noticeable until you mentioned it, and even then still. At least they aren't big permanent scars like mine. Bleh. To be honest, and though I don't like to admit it, I photoshop and blur it out sometimes.

  14. You're so cute it hurts. Ouch!

  15. Really adore your top and necklace. And the box really is a cool accessory :)

  16. I'm sure I've said this before, but I love that skirt sara.

  17. the outfit looks amazing on you!as a fellow 'hourglass' gal (hourglass gives more a classy feel than 'curvy' lol), i find that body hugging dresses works best to our advantage *and maybe with a little help from spanx?*, so show the world your classic hourglass figure and BE PROUD!^^

  18. What a lovely outfit! So Dujour-ish! Romantic! I love it!

  19. Sassy! I love these - you look fab!

  20. I love your outfit here. So classic, and the silhouette is amazing! You are a talented writer as well, I love your imagery!

  21. I love your outfit here Sara, you look so lovely! That lace top is gorgeous too! Such a beautiful poem as well, I know when I try to write poems for school, I'm always at a loss for words.

  22. oh great i like tht color you looks awesome

  23. Omg.. Love your outfit! Stunning! :)

    Nice blog

    Take care
    Hugs and Kisses

  24. You are quite the poet :)
    i love that outfit on you, very sweet and feminine

  25. beautiful poem & lovely outfit. it complements your shape well.

  26. I absolutely adore your outfit - you always look so pretty, Sara! I LOVE your poem - it complements your ensemble so well!! :)

  27. LOVE! and the "deer in the headlights" look is actually quite sexy miss Sara! ow ow! You look AMAZING! Own them curves!

    (ow ow again)

  28. Love this look, you look gorgeous! I'm not much of a tight clothes gal either, so I'd be out of my element too! But the color really compliments you :]

  29. This is a great outfit; cute and summery but also very sophisticated. You look gorgeous!

  30. Such a lovely outfit. You look like you could be on a sephia toned poster.

    And that box thing IS cool. Great find.


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