Children of The Sun

10:19 AM

Kyle, the photographer extrodinaire!! He took these pictures for me after work last night. I am really loving how warm it is! I still had to sneak this skirt out again, my Stevie Nicks skirt, lol (someone called it that either on here or Chictopia).  I managed to take one of Kyle too, in his work uniform (most of it) and his hat hair :P

*My Kyle-face

Because I am short on time today, the random-of-the-week is a little "short" too. hehe, behold, my brothers, and my cousins up north at my Gramp's place way back in the day. We all were rockin' the "sun child" locks back then. Now my brothers have dark brown hair and my hair really wants to be red. I am the oldest kid on my mom's side of the fam, so I am the one in the center, with my brother David on my lap.

*Stole photo from Aunt T
Skirt-Thrifted via Salvation army
Belt & necklace-F21
boots-Sears essentails

To-do list:

*has been modified to finishing homework and packing.


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16 Musings

  1. love your top! and you wear that long skirt well

  2. Ohmigosh I adore you in these pictures. For some reason I can't help but to think of Little House on the Prairie...and that is not a bad thing! It's a very free-spirited, bohemian look - so pretty! And I love your owl necklace!!

    By the way, your back-in-the-day photo is adorable!! :)

  3. aww you look adorable! fantastic skirt!

  4. i used to have a shirt that looked just like that. your photos make me miss it. lovely outfit. :) i'm so happy it's warm again too!

  5. Hehe you look so cute in that 'baby' photo. You can definitely tell which one is you, it's adorable! :)
    Your top is THE perfect colour with your skin tone/eye colour, maybe I should get something in that colour? Hehe. I never realised what BEAUTIFUL eyes you have Sara, so glad you got a new camera, or I might have never known. Yay for Kyle the amazing photographer!
    You look so pretty, as always. And you've given me an idea for a blog post (I'll email you later)


  6. I really like how you belted this look, Sara. It gives it such a sweet, but more modern look. :)

  7. i've told you this before, but you look like zooey deschanel and in this outfit you could be in one of those she&him photoshoots.
    i love baby/kid pictures, its adorable!

  8. i love your little owl necklace

  9. This is a darling classic look and your family photo is so cute!

  10. You have great style! I especially love the shirt.

    x Emily

  11. Cute blouse and I love how you paired it with that maxi skirt!

  12. Love the necklace. You pull off that long skirt very well too. So cute!

  13. what a darling outfit and blog!!! i love it. this is such a great shirt. i can think of a million ways i'd like to wear it!

  14. your outfit is so lovely. I love the colours.

  15. Wow! I thought I was looking at Zooey Deschanel herself in that first pic. : )


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