Sunday, Lovely Sunday.

4:30 PM

First fashion-related blog post! I was very hesitant to include clothing & whatnot in my blog because I wasn't sure if i'd be inclined enough to keep-up with it. However, I felt like doing one today,  I was inspired because of this sweater I just purchased last Saturday from the Salvation army for less than $2.00! Not only is it  by far the comfiest piece of clothing I own, I think it makes this whole outfit quite comfy for a Sunday of studying. Very simple outfit for my first clothing-related blog, but I started with what I am comfortable with.

Sweater: Salvation army 
Dress & earrings: Forever 21
Stockings: Target
Shoes: Payless

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  1. Yay first clothes post! Ha you look adorable, and that sweater looks absolutely crazy cozy!


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