My Sweet Louie

7:58 PM

Since I am on break and I don't have the insane workload as I normally do, I think I might try to update this blog daily. At least whilst on break. I thought that I might dedicate this blog post to my sweet baby, Louie. 

Louie is an 8 month (aprox) old lab-mix. Mixed with what, we really don't know.

Louie came to live among Kyle & I in the following series of events: 

The "No Smoking on company property" rule went into effect in May 2009 at my work, Vesco oil corp. The morning warehouse supervisor by the name of Roger, went to have his daily smoke elsewhere. Elsewhere was across the street near an abandoned house right outside of our warehouse in Detroit. While puffing away on his cancer stick, Roger heard a noise. Curious, and not wanting to go back to work (it's overrated) he decided despite his old-age to climb into the dilapidated house to further investigate this strange noise. The noise was caused by a small tan dog, who was hopping around the house like a jack-rabbit. Roger went up the stairs of the house to see if he could persuade the dog to come down. At the top of the stairs, he was greeted with a surprise: a little, tiny puff of black fur was rolling around on the ground at his feet. Roger scooped the piece of fluff up to realize the fluff was an actual puppy. Louie was introduced to the human world. 

After about 90 seconds of bringing this small puppy into the office where I worked, I couldn't resist it. I picked up Louie in my arms and fell in love. 

It was 8 in the morning when this happened. I had just gotten to work and I also had just gotten a new boss only two months before. I could tell he was pretty nice but I didn't think he would let me have the day off to take home a puppy I had recently accumulated in a half-hour of being there. Still, I had to come up with something. Luckily he was okay with the puppy staying in the office with us for the day. Then Roger brought in a second puppy. A little tan one, that a driver offered to take home with him at the end of the day. Then Roger brought over the tan dog that he originally saw in the house to be taken to a "no-kill" animal shelter. At this point I think my boss gave up and decided to focus his attention on work and helping me figure out what to tell Kyle. 

I am not a creative genius. Nor am I good at keeping a straight face. So, after 8 1/2 hours of plotting what to tell Kyle, what did I come up with? 
Me: "Hurry home Kyle, I need your help with something."

10 minutes later....

Kyle: "Omg. What is that? That's NOT a cat!"

Me:" Nobody else would take him, he's all alone!" (Big watery eyes here)

And it is now December and Louie is a part of the family. Granted he could put Marley to shame with his antics, but I couldn't Imagine a world without him.

Louie enjoys chewing on anything and everything in my apartment, including but not limited to: Umbrellas, cans of soup, extension and vacuum cords, as well as hair and makeup brushes. He also enjoys walks, both long and short, barking at anyone in the park because he thinks it's his personal backyard, chasing my two kitties Mary & Bary, eating their cat food, and rolling around in the dirt right after a nice bath. His favorite foods are: anything anyone around him is eating, & stuffed animals. 

Louie is a well trained puppy. His talents are: Sitting, lying down, shaking with both paws & chewing on his leash while walking. 

*Since Louie has come home, the mother of the puppies has been removed from the house as well as 3 other puppies. The mother (while pregnant with ANOTHER puppy) was adopted by my brother's friend Loren, who still has her and the puppy she was with. My parents took a puppy, her name is pepper and Louie enjoys playing with his little sister a few times a week while I am at work. The other two puppies found homes too: My little brother's friend took one home & a friend at Kyle's work took one home. :)


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3 Musings

  1. aww sweet story! he is adorable! we just got a new puppy, an American bulldog named Gatsby, he chews everything too- worst was my laptop charger...ugg

  2. Oh my gosh what a sweet story =) and he's SO ADORABLE!!!

  3. my first dog was a black lab named major. he belonged to our neighbor, and when she would come home from work, i'd run over to her house and impatiently wait for her to open the garage and let major out! eventually, she got married and had to move away ... she left major with us! unfortunately, when we moved, major never quite adjusted to our new house and he ran away. :-( i still have a spot in my heart for black labs though!


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