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I am seriously kicking myself for not taking a Before pic of this space, it was basically that chair, with a bunch of junk pilled all over it. Whenever I cleaned our room, I would pile more and more stuff onto it, and it became the black hole of the bedroom. I am so glad that I was super motivated a few weeks ago and decided to do something about it. You also get a little peak of our room, which isn't much, but has improved greatly since this post three years ago (as has the rest of the house). 

Anyway, I tried to wait until the brightest part of the day to take these pics as it is super dark in our room. I even had all of the lights on, and this was as bright as it was going to get, apparently. I always said that I was never going to give in to the hipster-white walls, but I am caving when it comes to this room. It needs to be lighter in here, but alas, it is brown-for now. 

IMG_8338 IMG_8333 IMG_8328

What I basically did, was steal a small desk from another room in the house, throw a tablecloth over it, organized all of the random papers and mail that I have accumulated from blogger friends over the years, and finally go through all of the junk. I stole another shelf from the basement, and it now holds a box of letters from bloggers, a bag of misc sewing supplies, and a framed pic of our group from the Weezer cruise. 

On the actual desk is my laptop! Old Reliable finally has a place other than wherever I feel like leaving it. I bought some post-its for notes, and I couldn't find a pencil holder so I bought a cheap toothbrush holder from the clearance rack and done! I stole the speakers from our old desktop so that I can listen to music while I blog, there are some really good playlists on Spotify right now (I am actually quite shocked by this). Of course I am never without my phone, and coffee. 

I used some cup hooks and a piece of ribbon to display some pics and cards from friends and bloggers, and clipped them with cute paper clips we got as gifts for our wedding. I never knew what to use those clips for, but I held onto them. See? Being a pack-rat pays off sometimes (Kyle just shat himself reading that). 

IMG_8322 IMG_8320 IMG_8319

The top shelf I bought from Target for pretty cheap, it was a pain in the ass to hang though. I like it because I can stick all of my post-its on it, as well as display some of my favorite items. I finally framed some of our pics from the Weezer cruise, as well as a pic I have had of since forever ago. I also have my 2013 blogger of the year award from Shybiker ,a cute jug that  actually belongs to Kyle, and a tiny notebook that reminds me of Hobbits. 

We also have my chair that we thifted years ago, and I just took one of the 12 pillows from the bed for my bum. There is Kyle's old man sweater that I have been living in lately, and below the desk is my sewing machine that I hope to eventually use. We hung a little hook for my old Urban Outfitter bags, because they hold yarn, and miscellaneous scrap materials for fabric projects.  I even organised the "to be repaired" pile of clothes to fit all in one basket. Go me. 

IMG_8318 IMG_8317 IMG_8315 IMG_8316

So there you have it, my little blogging space! I guess this was a sort of blog anniversary present to myself. I have had this blog for about five years now, and although it never really took off, it is something that I have surprisingly stuck with. It is an outlet for my shitty writing, and a scrapbook of sorts of our lives for the past five years. Not to mention all of the amazing friends that I have made, and friends that have felt inspired to start their own blogs. 

I am so happy that I have made this little space, it has helped me stay more organized, and I even have room to do my workouts up here now. Up next we have to finish the hallway, paint the living room, and start organizing the library. I do however, want to make a space in the basement for exercising since the treadmill is down there. I think that we are doing okay though, slow-pokes that we are. One day it will all be finished, and then it will be time to buy a new home. I vote for a Hobbit Hole. 

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13 Musings

  1. How much do I love this space?? I desperately want to create a space like this for myself at home again, I had one, but it had to become Oliver's room, dang it! I have a nook in my living room that I think would be perfect though, so it's my goal to create it for myself!

  2. This is adorable. We have a very lofty apartment with one bedroom so the desk area is a nook that we made the office space. Its fun to just find any space to be creative! I also love your idea of using old urban outfitter bags for yarn and such

  3. I love's so cozy! The tablecloth and pillow are perfect! And that old picture of you guys...babies!!

  4. That has got to be the cutest little space!! You did a lovely job putting it together! I think it's important to have a little space all to yourself! Martha Stewart has nothing on you! :)


  5. So cool! Befitting a beautiful blogger. And, hey, I recognize some things in there!

  6. Sara, you have created the cutest blogging space for yourself. I want to do the same. You've given me inspiration to work on that next year. Love the string of cards and pillow in your chair. It's so cute! I want to brighten up my walls too. My house is sandwiched between two others and getting light in is rough. Excellent job girl!

  7. Such a cozy space. I do love to put what inspires me around me too. Love the color!

  8. Now..I feel..I need to do a lot of cleaning. Its so easy to let stuff build in in a small space.

    You are very inspiring! Love this!

  9. OMG Sara it's adorable! There's such a shabby chic vibe to it that I love! You've seriously inspired me to give my blogging space a makeover - it's so blah right now. I need to put a few inspo boards around and such!


  10. In comparison my space is an epic bore, even my desk at work is more exciting than my blogging desk... that's kind of sad.

    It's a lovely space! I quite like your toothbrush holder :)

  11. That's it! I'm coming to visit! This is the cutest thing ever!!! :) :) :) Seriously cool space - I just blog wherever as I'm back at home and yada yada. I've just done the unthinkable and recorded a video that I'm going to put on my blog tomorrow night. EEP! Are you ready for this?!

  12. That looks adorable! You make me want to dress up my corner of the apartment, now. :)

  13. It is so cute!!!
    I love that you have a 2015 blog of the year trophy hahahahaha.


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