Flower Power

10:51 AM


Two things happening in this post: 1) Kyle planted some sunflower seeds a few months ago, and they suddenly all bloomed at once. They are HUGE! They make for a good backdrop though, eh? 2) I LOVE this dress that I thrifted a few weeks ago! I usually only find things from work at the thrift store, but I found a cute, going-out dress for once! Of course, I totally wore it all causal in this post, but still, a great dress! Except it has a weird boob-hole thing going on that I am unsure about. I wore it before in this post, but you can see it better here. 

I am sooooo unbelievably happy that the weekend is basically here already! I love the thought of 4 day work weeks, but sometimes they feel like they also just drag ass. My brain just prefers regular 5 day work weeks. I am pretty sure I am doing it wrong. Either way, I am ready for weekend things! Mostly the sleeping part. 


Dress, Bag, & Vest-Thrifted
Earrings-Forever 21
Bracelet-Cedar Point
Glasses-Warby Parker

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10 Musings

  1. I tried commenting earlier and it didn't work so I'll try again! Anyway, I hear you on short weeks feeling sooo long sometimes! Yet I wish all weeks could be four days, lol.

    LOVE your dress/vest combo!

  2. For me, when we have short weeks, iin my head they shoudl go faster, and therefor they don't. Having said that, I'd still take a 4-day work week any week! Love this dress, weird boob hole and all!

  3. wow, look at those sunflowers! i remember throwing out some seeds in our yard years ago and they certainly grew! i love 4-day work weeks....for me they go by really fast. it's the following week when we go back to 5 days that really drags!

  4. OMG those sunflowers...so awesome! They are the PERFECT backdrop for this ensemble - love it!!


  5. Sunflowers!! Nature's neediest flower. "Look at me! Look at me!", they seem to be saying.

    Actually I was hoping these were sunflowers; otherwise, I'd be shocked to learn you are only 3 feet tall...

    That's a weird boob-hole in the dress. I noticed it before reading your colorful description of it and wondered why it was there. Maybe the dress needs some ventilation...

  6. Pretty cool! That dress was indeed a great find!

  7. I love sunflowers and they are even better when the bees sit on them! Love your look here. I have a couple of similar thrifted dresses. How insane that someone is getting rid of them?

  8. WOAH!! Those sunflowers are huge!
    Maybe you can sew a little fabric patch in front of the boob hole? A similar aztec-y pattern or just some black fabric. Boob holes weird me out haha. It's a pretty adorably dress so it's a shame to let a little booby escapism stop you looks too awesome :)

  9. That dress looks so good on you Sara! The jean vest looks great with it doll. HaHa! The sunflowers are a gorgeous backdrop! What kind of fertilizer are you guys using?!? Lol


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