DIY: Fire Pit

10:40 AM


Fire piiiiitttt! As soon as we bought the house (three years ago!), Kyle wanted a fire pit. At the time, all of the suburbs surrounding us did not allow them, but since Oak Park is too busy trying to get people to stop growing veggies in their front yards (the horror! *sarcasm*) they are pretty lax on fire pits. We bought one from the local hardware store, and the little thing held up pretty good! Of course it bottomed-out this year, so we decided to take the plunge and just make our own out of random junk that we had.

First we picked a spot, more like Kyle picked a spot, but whatever. Then, we used the top of a broken old bird bath that we found in the back corner of our yard when we moved in to gauge the size of the hole that we wanted to dig. We then dug down about a foot (you don't want to go too deep, or it will be hard to get enough oxygen to the flames when you start burning stuff), and filled the hole with some gravel that we bought from the hardware store.

Next, we plopped the bird bath dish on top of the gravel (this was harder than it looked, because that thing is heavy as balls). We then lined the ring with these mini cinder bricks that I found in the garage (seriously, the previous owners left so much shit behind, it was crazy).  We then drove over to my Mother-in-law's abode to steal some big rocks from her garden (thanks, Debbie!) to line around the top of the ring. 


All we had left to do was find a place to put the giant pile of dirt, and chop up some wood to burn. We did buy some cement to mix up to hold the rocks in place more, but it looks like we might just use that to fix some of the cracks on the patio instead since it is holding up pretty well on its own. The best part? The only thing that we bought was the gravel. Woot woot!

Anyway, aside from sitting around the fire when we are too broke to go out/too lazy to deal with people, it is also a good way to cook food.

And it's pretty.


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16 Musings

  1. If only there was room in my backyard!

  2. So awesome that you guys put this together. Great for those cool summer nights of yours.

  3. Really a neat idea. I bet you guys have some amazing stuff in your back yard. It is trying here as well..and how the city is about certain NO CHICKENS. We would like to have chickens and many urban communities let you have them.

    My grandparents in TEXAS are even allowed Horses. However, they are a bit much to keep. There have been some stampedes in their little ranch area.

  4. Oh, this looks like a great place for a camp fire for your summer time party!

  5. Finally the blog on the fire pit, Its awesome, I will have to build one in our next house.

  6. First off - High five! That looks amazing! You guys did an amazing job!

    Now only if it was a safe to have a fire pit on a balcony....


  7. I *love* fire-pits. They connect us to our primitive roots. Good for you guys!

  8. Look at you guys! That's awesome! You're going to have fun with that.

  9. I'm coming over to make s'mores!

  10. This is so cool though! I want to toast marshmallows!!


  11. Ah you make me wanna go camping! :)

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  13. I love that you reused most of the old items to make it. And it turned out beautifully!

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