Springtime Sweater Girl

10:28 AM


Welcome to spring in Michigan, where it is gross. I am so ready to start planting and gardening, you guys. I have all of the supplies for my seeds ready to go, and I think Kyle and I are going to go ahead and start some of the yard work this weekend, so it will probably snow. Mostly, Kyle just wants to burn some of the wood in the backyard, because burning things is fuuuuuun, and it reminds us of camping. Ah, camping. Summer, nature, beer. Yes. 

In other news, our friend Dale has started a blog! We met Dale and his wife Kim on the Weezer cruise, and now we are internet buddies! Facebook is great for staying in contact with friends, but I love blogs because I love to see more of my friends interests/hobbies. Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere, Dale! 

Dress & necklace-Forever 21
Sweater & bag-Urban Outfitters

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14 Musings

  1. Spring is gross in Minnesota too. In fact, it is so gross it snowed. A ton. Wee.

  2. I love the sweater! Very cute. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. Oh! I love your sweater, Sara! I like how it has that "looser feel"; I think it works great with your skirt! Cute purse as well! <3

  4. We just got like 8 inches of snow today, but it's supposed to be 60 next week so yay! I love your springy outfit!

  5. Loooooooove your outfit and your hair!! Have you been growing it out Miss Sara? :))

  6. Love the sweater! Don't forget the snow peas! Although, the first batch we planted the squirrels got them..so beware! Good luck on the gardening. We have tomato plants that look so pretty, but I dunno what might happen to them if we plant them.

  7. Awesome sweater and boots!

  8. Welcome Dale, to this wacky world we call the blogosphere. I agree...blogging is always a fun way to get to know more about a new acquaintance.


  9. great look, I love the sweater and the boots!

  10. love your sweater Sara. that's what i'm doing this week! some outside projects.

  11. haha i know it is ogross outside i was thinking about this the other day. i love your sweater alot! this is sweater weather

  12. You are so industrious! Love this sweater. I found one at Target in pink a lot like this one.


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